Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Starbase Hawaii Spaceport – Featuring Post Terrestrial Lifestyle, Environments & Architecture with HoloZone Training & Entertainment Facilities

[Images Rendering: Starbase HoloDeck (HoloZone) Entertainment and Training Center Rendering by Eric Christensen and Starbase by Eyoub Khan both with Eileen Borgeson's Orbital Muse Sculpture Landmarks]

Living in Hawaii is a lifestyle unmatched in any other location on Earth. One of the most remote outposts on the planet, the Hawaiian Islands are centered in an expanse of oceanic space thousands of miles from another body of terra-firma. The spirit and vision of most people of Hawaii includes a balance of nature, love of life, family & freedom and the desire to spread the ‘Aloha feeling’ throughout this planet and beyond. The islands were colonized by Ancient Explorers who used the stars to navigate, and with the creation of a Hawaiian Spaceport, a launching place would exist for a new breed of Space Explorers wishing to navigate the stars and eventually colonize the Universe.

Children now and in generations to come, need new frontiers to explore and new realities to expand their awareness and consciousness so they can make their own unique contributions. It’s time to go beyond just ‘what will be the newest gadget’ to be put into the marketplace for mass consumption, a constant for all previous generations.

We have mapped the world and we now need to expand our horizons and physical awareness to outer space (as well as inner space.) Space travel, by its very nature, requires a self-sustaining environment as we have all so lately become aware of living on this fragile planet nor can ‘take off’ into space without also taking care of our ‘home base’, planet Earth..

The spaceport under discussion would function as a ‘de-compression center’ not only for the returning space explorers but the ones blasting off for a new ‘off-planet experience’ and the new realities and perspectives that the trip will hold for them.

This two-way culture and life transition could best be served by the radical changing of past terrestrial-based design concepts and linear experience approaches and replaced with an evolved classical artistic expression in the spaceport design with a new ‘quantum’ attitude made capable through holographic imagery, applications and optical functions.

The spaceport experience should be aesthetically and sensory stimulating, as well as reflective, and unlike any other place on the planet. There is a real opportunity to evolve our past concepts and precepts to be more in line with the eventual ‘oneness awareness’ of the citizens of this planet…a perspective many come back with after their off-planet adventures. “I took off as an astronaut but returned a humanitarian,” Quote from Russia’s first astronaut, Uri Gagarin.

One of the training sessions to be offered in the HoloZone (HoloDeck-like) Complex is a ‘non-linear’ glimpse of the ‘Overview Effect’, a life-changing epiphany experienced by many astronauts during the viewing of Earth from space. I have been working on the “Overview Experience’ project for the last three years and the HoloZone concept for several decades.

Eileen Borgeson’s ‘post-terrestrial’ art imagery and sculptures will be seen throughout the spaceport and incorporated into the physical structure as well. Eileen’s 60 foot “Orbital Muse” sculpture will be the primary Landmark for the spaceport and will adorn the HoloZone training and entertainment complex building along with her ‘Virtress’ image in terrazzo and her ‘Cybernetic Circuitry’ laser cut into metal.

The “Orbital Muse’ has become the ‘Oscar™’ for the Space Exploration Industry and is the featured sculpture atop of the Dennis Tito Award (given to space explorers paying $20-35 million for 6 months of astronaut training and then blast off for a week’s stay at the International Space Station). The Orbital Muse sculpture and design is used also for other prestigious space awards including: the Space Ambassador (in crystal) and the Space Exploration Pioneer Awards.

Multiple Holographic transformational applications and techniques will be used where ever possible throughout the spaceport incorporated as building materials, solar energy conversion film to projected three-dimensional imagery. Holographic imagery, functions and optical effects create sensory impressions which our senses haven’t come to terms with nor can fully comprehend which enables an experience that is totally new and evolutionary plus it crosses the age barrier for spaceport visitors.

Eyoub Khan, main principal of Conceptual Design (www.condzngrp.com), is the master designer of the Starbase with extensive involvement in Space Development and Exploration. From his consulting work on the SpaceHab’s interior to designing major transportation hubs, Eyoub is a ‘deep well of knowledge and design’ with the capabilities of coordinating the master planning of the spaceport, operations and infrastructure into a comprehensive package.

Eileen and I have come away from the recent JUSTSAP Symposium and our Space Exploration Pioneer Award presentation with renewed interest in pursuing our spaceport collaboration with Eyoub. We live on the islands, are involvement with the Space Development and Exploration community and know that Hawaii is an ideal location for a spaceport with a renewed opportunity to continue its exploration spirit.

We know that the entire JUSTSAP group, the Rocketplane organization, our island friend, master technical wizard, Kyle Brown and many others share our vision of seeing a spaceport here in Hawaii and we will all continue to forge new alliances to synergistically proceed in this endeavor. We’re open to connect with other like-minded individuals so please contact us with your thoughts, concepts and how you may contribute. My email: Jeff@Holographics.com.

JUSTSAP’s 4th Annual ‘Space Exploration Pioneer Award’ by Eileen Borgeson honors Michael Duke in Hawaii

On November 9th at JUSTSAP’s (Japan – U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Programs) 19th annual space symposium, Michael Duke (chief geologist for the Apollo Lunar Mission) was honored for his over 5 decades in pioneering space exploration, his contributions to JUSTSAP’s efforts, and especially for implementing space education programs.

After an introduction honoring Michael Duke by Jim Crisafulli, Director, Office of Aerospace Development State of Hawaii, and Dr. Frank Schowengerdt (U.S. Vice-Chairman – JUSTSAP), Eileen Borgeson and I made the virtual presentation to Michael who was unable to attend the event.

Previous recipients of the JUSTSAP ‘Space Exploration Pioneer Award’ were: The Honorable George R. Ariyoshi (former Governor of Hawaii) in recognition of “his sustained and distinguished contributions promoting international collaboration in space exploration”, and Takaji Kuroda, also an accomplished artist in Japan, for “his sixty year involvement with Japan’s space program.”

Each year Eileen and I have offered a different art sculpture for JUSTSAP’s awards. In 2007 George Ariyoshi received a sculpture entitled ‘Pele’s Gift’, which was a bronzed resin organic flame sculpture offering a cast crystal earth with the Hawaii Islands sandblasted into the Pacific. IN 2008, Takaji Kuroda received a frosted blue acrylic sculpture (cast by R. S. Owens – maker of the Oscars, Emmys and Eileen’s original classic Promax Muse award.) The award was mounted on a metal chromed/holographic base which included a 3-D image projecting off the earth.

In 2006, JUSTSAP itself was honored with the first ‘Space Exploration Pioneer Award’ by E Art Gallery and Mark McGuffie, presenting for the Hawaii Island Economic Development Board. The award was the “Orbital Muse’, the featured sculpture on top of the Dennis Tito Award (for space explorers who pay $20 million+ for 6 months of astronaut training and a weeks stay at the International Space Station). Another award, a sub-surface etched crystal ‘Space Ambassador Award’ was given to Anousheh Ansari by X Prize’s Peter Diamandis and Alan Hale (Hale-Bobb Comet founder) at the X Prize Cup in New Mexico.

This year’s JUSTSAP ‘Space Exploration Pioneer Award’ was a Hot Glass Sculpted Rocket Eileen designed and collaborated to create it with amazing hot glass artist/friend Daniel Moe here on the Big Island. He’s one of the best to come out of the Pilchuck School in Washington (Dale Chilhuly’s baby.) Assisting Daniel was Summer Campbell.

Our good friend and now ‘family’, Kyle Brown, attended the award presentation with us. Kyle’s a New Yorker we refer to as ‘street wise with heart’. In a discussion about the future of JUSTSAP, Kyle offered a suggestion of approaching the new minds of this generation with educational, science and art projects starting with the students of Hawaii. The suggestion was well received and discussed at some length. Kyle has been lending his technical expertise to the local school systems for some time now and was chief technologist for the Imiloa Center in Hilo when it was first launched. He is now in discussions with RocketPlane of Oklahoma to approach the Hawaii school system with some of these concepts.

As usual, we all stayed at our favorite location on the Kona side, Gary Stice's "Point House" on Kealakekua Bay...a perfect Space to unwind from an inspiring Space Event.

The theme of JUSTSAP’S 2009 symposium was “Asia-Pacific Strategies and Projects for the New Space Age” held at the Fairmont Orchid Resort on the Kohala Coast. Notable speakers included: Dr. Osamu Odawara (Japan Vice-Chairman – JUSTSAP), Stephen Day (Chairman – JUSTSAP), Douglas Craig (Strategic Analysis Manager – ESMD/Directorate Integration Office NASA Headquarters), Charles Miller (Senior Advisor for Commercial Space Innovative Partnerships Programs – NASA Headquarters), Susumu Yoshitomid (Special Counselor, Japan Space Forum), Hiroshi Shimoji (Deputy Director General, Dept. Planning, Okinawa Prefecture), Dr. Galina Xanthopoulou (Professor, Institute for Materials Science, NCSR “Demokritos”), John Mankins (President – ARTEMIS Innovation Management Solutions), Dr. Daniel Rasky (Director, Space Portal – NASA Ames Research Center), Christopher Pestak (Manager, NASA Programs – Battelle Memorial Institute), Robert Wegeng (Chief Engineer – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory), and Jerry Comell (Site Executive, State of Hawaii, The Boeing Company)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cirque du Soleil’s, Guy Laliberté qualifies for Space Tourist Society’s Dennis Tito Award by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen.

Visual: [First Dennis Tito Awards, Jeff Allen, Eileen Borgeson, Dennis Tito and Rick Searfoss.]

[Visual 2: Eileen Borgeson's Private Space Explorer Pin Rendering.]

Who would not be thrilled at the news that the founder of Cirque du Soleil would be honored by an award you were involved in creating? Both Eileen Borgeson and I had collaborated together designing the Dennis Tito Award for the heroic space tourists who train as astronauts and then visit the International Space Station (ISS).

We were both also very pleased to find out that Guy Laliberté, an artist, not a scientist, would host the First Poetic Social Mission in Space during his Sept 30 to Oct 11 visit to the ISS. His "Moving Stars and Earth for Water" took place on October 9, 2009 (GMT) in 14 cities on five continents simultaneously around the world. Each city had an "artistic moment" and unfolded with the presence of artists and world-renowned personalities, including: Al Gore, Peter Gabriel and U2.

How appropriate that John Spencer, helmsman of the Space Tourist Society (STS), was the person to tell Eileen and me that Guy Laliberté had just docked at the ISS an hour previously. We had called John to discuss Guy becoming the seventh honoree of the Dennis Tito Award.

During the historic 25th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC06) (Free Commemorative Poster Link: http://www.eileenborgeson.com/pdfs/OrbitPoster.pdf), Dennis Tito personally presented the first two Dennis Tito Awards to Gregory Olsen (second space tourist) and Mark Shuttleworth (third space tourist.) at the Orbit Awards Event. Mark’s award was accepted by two time commander of the Space Shuttle, Astronaut Colonel Rick Searfoss.

Dennis was then surprised with his own award by the artist Eileen Borgeson who was escorted by her collaborator on this award, me. (Link to video on Eileen and me displayed behind the stage before our presentation: http://video.yahoo.com/watch/654966/3034939)

The Dennis Tito award is two tiered with four sculptures of Eileen’s featuring the Orbital Muse on the top. Eileen and I created the concept as well as the design. The award was assembled by the fine crafts persons at Saxton Industrial who also manufactured the three sculptures that supported the Orbital Muse. Saxton Industrial also sponsored the initial three Dennis Tito Awards for the ISDC06’s Orbit Awards event.

Guy Laliberté and the other three space tourists, Anousheh Ansari, Charles Simonyi (who went twice) and Richard Garriott will be honored with their own Dennis Tito Award at the next prestigious Orbit Awards event tentatively scheduled by the Space Tourism Society in 2011, the 10 year anniversary of Dennis Tito’s first flight to the ISS. Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, has also placed a $5,000,000 deposit for a trip to the ISS in 2011.

At the ISDC06 event, the ‘holographic crystal’ Orbit Awards, also created by Eileen and me, were awarded to significant astronauts, pioneers and entrepreneurs of the private space exploration community. The list of honorees, included: Buzz Aldrin, first man who walked on the moon, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, Richard Branson, of Virgin Galactic and everyone’s aeronautical hero, Burt Rutan, designer of the SpaceShip One. His SpaceShip One won the $10,000,000 Ansari X Prize for two consecutive Sub-Orbital Flight above 62 miles.

Eileen Borgeson is also designing a selection of Space Explorer Wings for private individuals who take an orbital flight around the Earth. The FAA has recently ruled that individuals reaching a height of 64 miles in space now qualify for their Astronaut Wings.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eileen Borgeson’s Lumiére – 3D’s “Oscar”?

[Visuals: Eileen Borgeson with Jim Chabin collaborating on the original Lumiere sculpture. Original Lumiere (somewhat damaged in mold making) and the Gold Lumiere award manufactured at R. S. Owens (Oscars, Emmys, MTV awards.)]

3D is having a renaissance in the 21st Century. Thousands of theaters are being retrofitted with digital equipment offering the capability to create immersive live and recorded experiences. Starting this year, all the future movies produced by DreamWorks will be in 3D…most of the new flat screen TV sets are incorporating the hardware to display 3D programming… and computer gaming consoles are increasingly offering their interactive adventures in immersive 3D.

This industry has been growing for over a hundred years now and it deserves some recognition.

Eileen Borgeson has been brainstorming with Jim Chabin for many months now in a stealth capacity creating one of her ‘”signature’ sculptures as the award for this industry.

Jim Chabin has served as CEO for several organizations including the Emmy’s and Promax/BDA. Both have presented prestigious awards to ‘peer recognized’ recipients. Together with Jim’s creative vision, Eileen Borgeson sculpted and ‘birthed’ the Promax ‘Muse of Creativity’ award which was first launched in 1995 in Washington DC with 100 awards.

The Promax Muse Award is now a global icon for the television industry. BBC has referred to it as ‘television’s Oscar’. Awards are given out globally in eight different awards shows annually. Every award has multiple winners (sometimes up to 15) which now total into the tens of thousands with nearly 20,000 physical Muse awards created and given. Jim later spawned the ‘MI6’ organization for the interactive computer gaming community and Eileen’s Muse was chosen for their award also.

Throughout her career, Eileen’s art has been presented as awards and recognition pieces. In addition to the television and computer gaming industries, her award sculptures have also become icons for the entire space exploration industry and numerous art pieces of hers have been used for celebrity recognition and birthday pieces.

Last November, Jim’s organization, ‘Chabin Partners’, collaborated with the Singapore government to produce ‘3DX’, the first major international 3D film festival event to date which featured 3D ‘luminaries’ such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron.

Jim’s newest exciting endeavor is the ‘International 3D Society’ which was formed to service the 3D industry and to recognize the pioneers and artists in this industry as it continues its international rapid growth.

Jim and Eileen’s past collaboration has successfully produced one of the most successful media awards of all time for it prestige and sheer number of recipients. With 3D rapidly becoming the entertainment choice of the future (at least until Holography finally plays its hand), the Lumiére could very well become the ‘Oscar’ for the entire international 3D industry.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Members of the X Prize ‘Vision Circle’ were gifted with Jewelry Pins by Eileen Borgeson honoring them for their generous support

[Visuals - Vision Circle Pin and Larry Page wearing his Vision Circle Pin with friend Robin Williams at Google Gala]

The members of the X Prize Foundation's 'Vision Circle' share Peter Diamandis vision of ‘Revolution through Competition’ to benefit humanity.

This month (October 2009) the X Prize Foundation is featured on the cover of WIRED UK magazine with the feature article “SAVE THE WORLD. WIN A PRIZE”

Time warp to 2007 - Eileen Borgeson was approached by the X Prize with a very special request. Create a jewelry art pin they could ‘gift’ their Vision Circle members that would be worthy of each of their $2,500,000 contribution towards the X Prize foundation’s $50,000,000 campaign for future prizes embracing space, education, poverty and the environment.

Eileen was given a very short window to create this exquisite piece. She developed many different design concepts which were first reviewed by the management of the X Prize Foundation with founder, Peter Diamandis, making the final selection. (One of Eileen’s ‘design finals’ was later made into a holographic cover for A & E magazine as well as an E- Holocard with the angel-like images surrounding a holographic earth). Eileen’s mission was to physically create these pins to be delivered in time for their event three weeks away.

Eileen, in conjunction with jewelry artist, Allan Baird and his expert knowledge of 3D CAD programs and with his Rapid Prototyping machine, were able to complete the finishing, polishing and last detailing of the Vision Circle Pins while the patient Fed Ex driver waited. It’s amazing how the Universe works! They arrived next day (March 3, 2007) at the Googleplex location in the nick of time for the ‘Radical Benefit for Humanity’ gala hosted by Larry Page. The event successfully raised $2,700,000 for the X Prize Foundation. Eileen’s Argentinium silver ‘Vision Circle’ pins were also presented to honor the seven founding ‘Vision Circle’ members.

Now the Vision Circle Member’s number has risen to 10 with some of most successful entrepreneurs and pioneers of the computer, Internet and space travel evolution as supporters: including, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and the original sponsors of the $10,000,000 X Prize, Anousheh and Amir Ansari. Note: Anousheh had previously received Eileen’s Space Ambassador ‘sub-surface laser crystal’ Orbital Muse Award given to her by Peter Diamandis and Alan Hale (co-discoverer of Hale-Bobb Comet) at the X-Cup event in New Mexico.

The other members are Anner Wojcicki (with Sergey Brin), The William James Foundation, Eric Schmidt, Gil & Elyssa Elbaz, Rey Sidney, John Templeton Foundation, Bita Daryabari and Dr. Stewart & Marilyn Blusson.

Eileen also enlisted some of her friends and local talent here on the Big Island in Hawaii to create the native Hawaiian Koa wood presentation boxes. Master woodworker (and computer artist) Frank “Big Kahuna” Chase came to the last minute aid creating ten tiny elegant and precision-made Koa wood boxes. Mark and Karen Stebbins then laser ‘burned’ the X Prize Logo into the lids (each individually numbered #1 through #10) which they then inlaid with Abalone. The finishing touch was the black satin velvet cushions to rest each pin.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please Don’t Feed the Flowers

Living in Paradise doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges and oddities.

I wake up in the morning still faced with myself and that same nagging question…“What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

After some reflection, I realize I might as well continue to fully live in this present moment ‘til I figure it out.

So today I got up and walked over (two driveways away) to Kalani to swim, sauna and soak in the hot tubs. Eileen Borgeson biked over later and joined me.

I start the jaunt midway on the three acres that we’re living on which is lined with many different varieties of trees, including coconuts, mango and papaya…all, except the papaya, about 40 feet tall for some odd reason. Along the way, I pass the crazy fruit tree section: noni (think the smells and taste of really dirty gym socks-a fruit that possibly cures anything and everything), breadfruit (think super glue that’s good for you and can taste like potatoes or pudding) and jackfruit (think juicy fruit gum, gooey latex, a mango/banana flavor with seeds that when steamed or roasted taste like some exotic nut.)

A short stroll along the tree canopied road bordered on the makai side by the waves crashing on the lava cliffs and then I start walking on the beautifully landscaped grounds up to the pool. Kalani is situated on 120 acres of grounds which Richard (the delightful owner whom I just met) has been evolving since the late seventies into a retreat he shares with many while respecting and preserving that land’s ancient and sacred Hawaiian history.

A few hours later after my meditative and ‘spa’ experience I’m back at our Puna Kalapana Retreat…and now back to Please Don’t Feed the Flowers…

I’m looking at a scattered selection of sublimely exquisite plants and their flowers…some, look they must have been designed by Dr. Seuss himself. Most of the flowers are beyond verbal description so you just have to see them yourself (above.)

In one picture my Son Chris’ ‘spider orchids from Mars’ have encountered an as- yet-unknown-to-me ‘pink woven something’ with delicate purple flowers growing from its side. And in the other visual there is a banana flower who was about to eat a pink perfection hibiscus when she was politely reminded of our ‘Please Don’t Feed (or feed on) the Flowers’ rule here…later they became new ‘best friends’ (even without a workshop.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Houston Hotties sent by Mission Control to Dolphin Encounter in Alohaland

(Pics: top - Eileen Borgeson, Patty & Becky Busmire and Jeff Allen; middle - Drew Busmire, Josh Withers, Eileen and Becky; bottom - Patty and Kim Peeples)

Chance meetings are sometimes the most memorable. Eileen Borgeson and I had just landed at the Point House on Kealakekua Bay. While checking out the terrain we encountered other visitors in this strange yet bewitching piece of paradise.

There they were sharing the same vista of the ocean with the sacred Hawaiian Heiau on our right and Captain Cook monument directly across the bay.

There’s always something so special about a close family on vacation. They’re sharing new experiences and playing like a pod of Dolphins.

Speaking of Dolphins, Eileen was put on Dolphin alert to call the Houston Hotties (Kim Peeples, sister Patty Busmire and a ‘much to bright for her age’ daughter Becky – who’s much prettier when she smiles) if she saw any Dolphins. Luckily, our friend Gary Stice’s Point House is closest to where the Dolphins swim and offers a perfect ‘crows nest’ for viewing.

Well, as if on cue, Eileen spotted Dolphins playing in the bay at 6:30AM. After a quick call to Patty, Eileen swam to a location where the Dolphins could swim up to her if they chose… which they did.

Eileen’s Experience “I was off to the side of the other swimmers and found myself almost constantly surrounded by the over 30 Dolphins that were with us in the Bay for nearly an hour…several pods were cavorting above and below the surface, leaping, spinning on top and two ‘teenage Dolphins” were below me flipping the leaves I had brought them and acting very clownish. One whooshed by me so close it almost touched my cheek…I nearly kissed a Dolphin! My best ever encounter in Kealakekua Bay”.

Shortly after Eileen’s call to Patty, the Houston Hotties arrived ready to see if they too would be greeted by the Dolphins.

Kim (now a Hawaii resident for 11 years) opted for shore duty and Patty and Becky plus me in tow climbed over some rocks and sailed (actually swam) off to Dolphinland.

Our expectations for success were high since Pattie had paved the way eight years earlier with her first visit with the Dolphins. (Becky was unable to attend at that time due to a commitment to higher education that has since forged her character even to this day.)

Well another accomplishment for Houston Mission Control. The Houston Hotties were well received by the Dolphins and that special epiphany happened when two species meet on friendly and even playful terms.

Later more of the Houston Hotties clan showed up and we were able to share the vistas of Gary's Point House with Patty's son Drew Busmire and his friend Josh Withers before they took off to college for their commitment to higher education.

More about the Houston Hotties in episodes to come…

Saturday, August 1, 2009

E-HoloCards – Spectral Analysis at It’s Best.

E-Holograms utilize light to display the visual magic of Eileen Borgeson’s artistry and my holography experience and knowledge in accessing various holographic techniques to create our mixed-media E-HoloCards.

The holographic substrates themselves are optical recordings (no dyes or pigments) which use the same light that illuminates them to reconstruct optically recorded imagery or kinetic effects. E-Holograms have been programmed to create 3-D solid or moving imagery, kinetic rainbow explosions or both. Many E-HoloCards have also been physically embossed with old-world craftsmanship & precision and traditionally printed with images, designs and lettering.

Each different light source, whether incandescent, neon, fluorescent, mercury arc or the sun, emits a different spectrum (frequency) of light, thus they each create a different ‘look’ on each E-Hologram.

If you look at a light source through a pair of holographic novelty ‘rainbow’ glasses you’ll be able to see the visual spectrum produced by each specific light source. This is sometimes referred to as spectral analysis. By analyzing the colors of the light that passes through a holographic (diffraction) grating you can determine which frequencies the light is composed of. Spectral analysis is also the technique used by astronomers to measure the size, age and composition of the outer and inner universe.

Every light environment, whether outside in nature or inside will also affect how the holographic image appears to the viewer. Even ambient light can create beautiful colors with the brilliance of dichroic glass and even nature’s opals. Even different viewers in the same room can be looking at the same hologram and see an entirely different image.

Shown here is the same E-HoloCard we used for two different occasions. This was an E-Hologram prototype which utilizes selected holographic substrates to incorporated with Eileen’s imagery.

The first use was a congratulations card we emailed to Eileen’s granddaughter, Ava Wallen congratulating her on her gymnastics achievement of making it to California State Finals. The second use was an E-Card we sent via email to our bestest of friends, Linda Siegel-Kane. We had digitally shot the card before it was sent to Ava so we later just Paint Brushed Pro-ed the personalization into the digital file. Notice how different the visuals look. They’re the same card just a different lighting situation.

Eileen’s basic image outline of each card creates the same theme but the overall artistic expression and impression of each E-HoloCard changes in different lights, environments and viewing angles.

Moments in Holography History - 1st White-Light Viewable Embossed Holographic Prototypes of Michelangelo’s David

[visuals note: The visuals show two viewing perspectives of the same embossed hologram of David. ]

At the beginning of this century while going through some ‘almost’ lost treasures of my past, I uncovered a plain brown envelope with a number of 4” x 5” acetate plastic sheets separated by tissue. Further investigation revealed that these were the first prototypes from the early seventies when Michael Foster and I, under our Cottonwood Research and Development Corporation, were ‘tweaking’ Foster’s holographic embossing process. The technique used at that time replicated holograms on plastic that needed a laser to view them. Most holograms up till then needed a laser to create them and view them.

I was surprised that the smell of acetate was still present in bag. After almost 40 years! Acetate was the chemical we used to replicate holograms from the holographic master onto plastic sheets.

Our subject matter was a small sculpted version of the bust of Michelangelo’s iconic “David”. We were evolving our previously replicated holograms which required laser illumination to view them and make them white-light-viewable.

Foster was making successive holographic masters that incorporated new optical approaches he was experimenting with to increase the white-light viewability of the replicated holograms. I was doing the physical embossing to create a replicated plastic hologram from each of his new masters using a very clever embossing process he’d devised.

So each hologram in this batch was a hologram made from a new different holographic master during our experimenting that night. We were always nocturnal. The process enabled us to see the holographic image of David from a white-light source. But, as you can see from the pictures, the image of David had a spectral spread around it. Still this hologram is probably one of the first embossed image holograms ever made which had the capability of white-light viewability from a holographic master plate capable of mass-producibility onto plastic without laser exposure. Both techniques were major breakthroughs at that time.

The first public viewing of a hologram from this session was made in San Jose at the Tech Museum during their Talent and Tapestry Event in 2001.

We later incorporated the Steve Benton ‘Rainbow” technique which eliminated one parallax dimension (in this case the vertical axis) to create white-light viewability. Our first ‘prototypes’ of these holograms were purchased by Laser Focus Magazine to sell in an ad in their magazines. This probably was the very first commercial use of embossed ‘display/image’ holography. These holograms (actually holographic prototypes) were available for purchase only months after the breakthrough was made. Talk about bringing an invention to the market place in a short period of time…this certainly qualifies. Luckily, breakthroughs in holographic imagery can be seen as they happen thus making them available as a product for purchase instead of just a part of a more complex system that has to be further developed before in becomes a product or gadget. Holograms are actually both. They are the holographic substrate that records imagery as well as the display device that reconstructs the holographic imagery when illuminated with light.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally…The Future Is Here?

It’s been an interesting ride for me watching how ‘slowly’ holography has evolved, at least from my vantage point. Of course then again, we were replicating flat optical lenses and holographic movies onto plastic almost forty years ago.

Back then, unique concepts of holography’s possibilities and implications-that didn’t surface until decades later-used to be just daily thoughts for me.

In a fairly recent Scientific American Magazine (Aug. 2003) their Cover Story asked: “Are You a Hologram? (Quantum physics says the entire universe might be)”

[My quote from a magazine article on holography in 1977]…“it’s a whole new science of technology with undreamed of potential,” it ventures also into the realm of metaphysics, as you might have gathered. “is the universe a hologram? Am I a hologram?” asks Jeff and does not pause for an answer...

This was over a quarter of a century earlier from the article “The Future is Here: Holography Opens Horizons”, LA Free Press, by Polly Warfield, Oct. 21-27 http://www.holographics.com/articles/LAFreePress77.html):

Again, back then I just asked the questions…though now ‘The Holographic Universe’ concept seems to be the prevailing ‘metaphor’.

Lately there have been some significant breakthroughs in holography’s capability to measure, manipulate, direct, process, store and display information on a quantum level. Holography has the potential to open up new vistas in our ability to interact with each other on this planet and better understand our roles as part of the whole. In Latin, Holography means ‘whole message’.

[Another quote from the LA Free Press article] “While pictures are interpreted symbols, a hologram is a direct, precise means of communication. An infant is born with the ability to read a hologram immediately, while, to the baby, words and pictures are utterly obscure”…muses Jeff Allen.

Our early embossing techniques have evolved to the point where billions and billions of embossed holograms are being produced globally for security and packaging applications.

‘Display’ (which includes interesting and artistic imagery) holography has been the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly…and it’s been taking its own sweet time.

But…with holography’s inherent capability to create interesting, impactive and interactive imagery in multi-dimensions, a new era will eventually be ushered in and in the forefront, holographic communication through print, will be positioned. The stage is set.

[Here's how the LA Free Press article began:]

THE FUTURE is here now, says Jeff Allen, smiling gently in his quiet and rather whimsical way.

The future has sprung full blown from a laser beam, like Minerva, fully grown from the head of Jove. It shimmers like rainbow, beckons like the horizon. You can see it in a hologram……..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honoring Hawaii Governor George Ariyoshi with Eileen’s JUSTSAP Space Exploration Pioneer Award

(pic - Jeff Allen, Eileen Borgeson and Governor George Ariyoshi)

For the past three years, the JUSTSAP organization (Japan – U. S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program) and its members have been honored with three separate sculptures by Eileen Borgeson presented as ‘the Space Exploration Awards’.

Debuting in 2006, Eileen’s ‘Space Exploration Award’ was presented as a recognition piece for the entire organization. The award featured the ‘Orbital Muse’ sculpture.

Earlier that year, The ‘Orbital Muse’ had been introduced as the ‘Dennis Tito Award’ honoring the first private space explorers who trained as astronauts and paid to visit the International Space Station. The ‘Orbital Muse’ was positioned on top of an assemblage of three other sculptures by Eileen. Three Dennis Tito Awards were given out by the National Space Society and the Space Tourist Society at the SDC06 awards show and Eileen and I got to surprise Dennis Tito on stage and present him with his own award.

The ‘Orbital Muses’ of awards were supplied and sponsored by Saxton Industries.

In 2007, Eileen and I had the honor of personally presenting the second JUSTSAP Space Exploration award to former Hawaii Governor, George Ariyoshi. This was entitled the Space Exploration Pioneer Award and was Eileen’s ‘Pele’s Gift’. Greg Henkel sandblasted the Hawaii islands into the crystal earth Pele’s golden flames were holding. Greg of Stoneface sand blasted the plaque as well. The Koa wood award base was made by Big Island’s master woodworker Jonathan Mathew.

George Ariyoshi is considered to be the most beloved of all Hawaii’s Governors, which is probably why they changed the rules to allow him to have a third term. When we researched George for our presentation speech we discovered many wonderful contributions he offered in his position. We talked to him after the presentation and found him to be very engaging and as endearing as everyone had said he’d be.

The award reads:

The Space Exploration Pioneer Award
Presented to The Honorable George R. Ariyoshi

In recognition of his sustained and distinguished contribution promoting International Collaboration in Space Exploration.
Japan and U. S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program
November 12, 2007

Saturday, June 27, 2009

E-HoloGrams - Revolutionizing Print through Art and Technology

One of the very first articles written about me and holography was in “Sky” Magazine (1974, Delta Airlines) entitled, “Holography: New Light on a New Dimension” by Lionel Rolfe and Nigey Lennon (article @ http://www.holographics.com .) One of the storylines was my involvement in pioneering optics and embossed holography with Michael Foster (my inventor/partner at that time) and also discussed some of holography’s potential.

“…Already, says Allen, Foster has patented a device called a thin lens, the implications of which could have the most profound effect on the field of optics since Galileo made his lenses. Basically, the thin lens is made holographically, but, more important, it can be embossed on plastic…

...It has been only eleven years since the advent of holographic technology. From Dennis Gabor’s first crude microscopic holograms, it now appears that we will soon be inundated with a promiscuous, mass embossing of holograms that can be made for literally pennies. The implications and applications are unlimited…”

Shortly after the article’s release I received letters from the Presidents of both Hallmark and Hoyle Cards excited about the use of holography for their cards. Unfortunately, it was premature, since there were no mass-production holography facilities existing at that time. Ten years later though, our embossing technique was utilized by National Geographic to make the first embossed holographic cover (the Eagle, shown above) for a major publication. Today, billions of embossed holograms are being produced primarily for the markets of holographic security and packaging. Because of this, the infrastructure exists and is in place to offer inexpensive, mass replications of holographic imagery and content to really take print to its next level.

I occasionally see some clever uses of the holographic technique in print but they really haven’t touched holography’s potential in this market. Eileen Borgeson and I are being pro-active in this regard and have been creating holograms that show ways of combining holography with art and design in what we call E-HoloGrams or HoloGraphics (for 3-D print commercials.)

Together we have collaborated on five E-HoloGrams for print including: the A&E Magazine cover (shown above), a magazine insert, a fine art print, an art poster and greeting cards. We also have an ongoing educational/marketing campaign focusing on Promax/BDA members, who have been receiving Eileen’s sculptures as their awards for 15 years.

The print media now has the opportunity to go beyond just words and pictures -which holography does. The print media (magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, brochures, inserts, postcards, greeting cards, direct mailing pieces) are physically and personally delivered, which holograms need. So by combining these two mediums, we just may be seeing the perfect marriage that can re-invent the printing industry as well as holography.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Microsoft’s, Paul Allen’s get-away…another fan of Kealakekua Bay

Here’s a picture of his homey little yacht (the one with the helicopter). Kealakekua Bay, a Marine Conservation area, is known to have the best snorkeling on the island and Paul chooses to use his yellow submarine for up-close viewing (it’s underwater with the fish and coral at the time of the shot.)

Eileen Borgeson and I have been playing in the same area with the dolphins and fish, but we had fins and kayaks. There are three favorite houses we stay at in Kealakekua Bay.

Two of them are Gary and Apolonia Stice’s Hale Naia (locals call it the Point house) and Dolphin Retreat. Eileen and I have collaboraed on many inspired art and holography projects here. We’ve always been able to do business here with high speed Internet and FedEx. Both Hale Naia and Dolphin Retreat include separate living quarters so we’ve had business associates fly in and be able to maintain privacy for all.

Shown in the aerial photo posted here, their Point house is the farthest on the left across from the Hawaiian Heiau. The Dolphin Retreat House is just to the left of the pier. This shot is from a series of low flight photographs taken of all the Hawaiian shorelines. The photographer, Brian Powers, shares his visuals and vision on his website, www.HawaiianImages.net and on my friend, David Cook’s, www.InstantHawaii.com site, which is an on-line almanac of Hawai’i (The Big Island) living.

We started coming to this Bay when we’d visit our Marin/Mendocino coast friends, Willa Martin and David Carlin, who own a house on Kealakekua Bay. When I first saw their house I was seduced by its Bali style...very .few walls or windows with all the rooms open to a landscaped courtyard. Comfortable living outside with furniture, beds, music, and curtained privacy when desired. Ahh…then there was the hammock stung between the two palm trees. Ahh…and the upper lanai to relax, chat and take in a sunset on the bay.

There’s also a great “good island feeling with lots of Aloha” place we’ve stayed on Highway 11 overlooking the Bay from the top of the hill in the town of Captain Cook. The Manago hotel is very basic but their rates are extremely low and it’s got a million dollar view. Their casual dinning room serves up hearty food enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. One of our favorite places is a couple doors down from the Manago, Senor Billy’s Cantina. They have especially good salsas, beans and drinks with overall good quality Mexican food and service.

Incidentally, Paul Allen received the ‘Space Visionary’ Holographic Crystal Award that Eileen and I created for the National Space Society and Space Tourism Society. Burt Rutan accepted it for Paul at the 25th Annual Space Development Conference a couple of years ago. A free downloadable 25th ISDC06 poster of the event designed by Eileen Borgeson is available at: www.eileenborgeson.com under ‘recognition.’ The poster includes all the key speakers like, Elon Musk (Pay Pal), Peter Diamandis (X Prize) and Astronaut, Rick Searfoss (also an award winner) and the other award recipients besides Paul, including: Buzz Aldrin, Richard Branson, Dennis Tito and the X Prize.

Whenever we come to Kealakekua Bay we stock up on food because we’ll find no reason whatsoever to even think about leaving this place. The neighborhood is its own unique experience. There’s been a certain ‘timelessness’ in each the stays here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday (106th) Al Hirschfeld - June 21 - Legend in Line

Eight years ago, Eileen Borgeson, Margo Feiden and I worked on a 98th birthday tribute for Al Hirschfeld. 48 Theater, Movie and TV Icons participated with Eileen Borgeson to create this Tribute Piece. The first public showing of this piece was in San Francisco at an event partially hosted by Louise Hirschfeld at the 'Hirschfeld Centennial' exhibit in San Francisco. Al Hirschfeld had passed away on January 20th, 2003. He had just finished Charlie Chaplin "The End".

The Tribute piece was showcased at the entrance with other artist proofs of Eileen's Hirschfeld's drawings in black glass, including: Bringing Up Baby, Casablanca, Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin, Judy Garland, Einstein, Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire and Ricki & Lucy. The pieces feature raised glass lines to accent his drawing lines offering actual shadows. The pieces were then hand oil painted.

Tribute participants, included: Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Lemmon, Valerie Harper, Mary Tyler Moore, Joel Grey, Cher, Phyllis Diller, Ed Asner, Polly Bergen, Charlie Rose, Ann-Margret, Lauren Bacall, Bea Arthur, Bernadette Peters, Steve Kroft, Ed Bradley, Leslie Stahl, Mike Wallace, Don Hewitt, Morley Safer, Betty White, Barbara Walters, Carol Channing, Natasha Richardson, Patrick Stewart, Debbie Reynolds, Dolores Hope, Bob Hope, Jason Alexander, Gregory Hines, Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Steve Tyler, Margo Feiden, Julie Andrews, Woody Allen, Tracy Ullman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mel Brooks, Katharine Hepburn, Wendy Wasserstein, and Barbra Streisand.

Al Hirschfeld Museum Collections include: The Smithsonian Institute, National Portrait Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Whitney, Museum of the City of New York, Lincoln Center Library and Brooklyn Museum.

Eileen was honored when told that her interpretations of his work in glass were the only ones from any other artist that Mr. Hirschfeld had liked.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Newsflash on Artist Eileen Borgeson - In Real-Time

I wrote an email to a collector of Eileen’s Erté “Diana” Czech Crystal Vase. It seemed to cover areas that would be interesting to those of you who know Eileen and/or collect her art so I’m posting it here. In the ‘economy of effort’, and being somewhat lazy here in Paradise, I’m posting the email in its entirety (minus the collector’s name of course.)

(Visual - Ad in 2008 Promax/BDA Conference Magazine)

“I hope this email finds you well.

Since we last communicated in Kauai when you acquired "Diana", Eileen and I have made a trip back to our Mendocino coast studio and are now back in Hawaii on the Big Island.

Yesterday I was bringing our extended family/friend, Linda Siegel Kane up-to-date on some of Eileen Borgeson's recent activities and it occurred to me that since you have one of Eileen's most beautiful pieces, you may be interested in what the Artist has been up to.

Gold and Silver "Muse of Creativity" Sculpture
Tomorrow, in NY, at the Promax/BDA 54th annual International Conference and Awards Show (www.PromaxBDA.tv), Promax will be honoring hundreds of companies and individuals with Eileen's Muse statue as their Promax Muse Award. Eileen's Muse is considered the 'Oscar' of the television industry. [Note: One year Eileen's Muse even replaced the Oscar, for the first time, on the cover of R. S. Owens' catalog (attached.) They produce the Oscar©, Emmy, MTV Music and the Country Music Awards as well as Eileen's Muse of Creativity.]

Recipients of the Muse include all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Turner, CNN, BBC, etc.), cable companies (HBO, Showtime, etc.) satellite (Direct TV, etc.), and the advertising/creative companies that service this industry. The awards are for the best in marketing, promotions and design.

For the last 14 years they have given close to 20,000 of Eileen's sculptures. Besides their major show in NYC these Promax Awards are presented in eight other conferences and award shows in Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom.

NY Times Article today: http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/06/16/the-best-in-tv-marketing-gets-its-moment-in-the-sun-bugs-included/

Muse of Hope Bronze
In this Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Kosmos Journal, (an International magazine, sanctioned by the U.N., with their focus on global transformation), a full page visual of Eileen's Muse of Hope sculpture was featured next to the article, "As Our World Re-Shapes Itself". The publisher, Nancy Roof, discovered Eileen's work on the Internet and wanted to share her art with the Kosmos readers. One of Eileen's Muse of Hope bronzes was given to Bob Hope by his family on his 99th birthday. Kosmos also features this Muse on their home page - http://www.kosmosjournal.org/

Marilyn Monroe Hologram
Eileen has also signed an arrangement with Tom Kelly Jr., son of the Hollywood photographer who took the historic and iconic 'Red Velvet' series of pictures of Marilyn Monroe at 22 in 1949. (One of these pictures of Marilyn launched Playboy Magazine as their first' playmate'.) [Press Releases - http://www.theopenpress.com/index.php?a=press&id=51163, http://www.theopenpress.com/index.php?a=press&id=50927.]

Eileen is creating various art editions of this image. Two holographic artist proofs of her Marilyn are currently being reviewed for cover consideration by the Editors-In-Chief of Esquire and Harpers Bazaar. Different visuals of Marilyn and her evolution can be seen on our blog - http://eartholographics.blogspot.com/ .

Incidentally, if you'd like to see your Erté Diana image which was carved on a large diameter plate format, Eileen had a one-of-a-kind plate made during the time the vase was made - http://www.flickr.com/photos/8858445@N03/2624014140/

Hope you find this interesting and I especially hope "Diana" has become a welcome and inspirational addition to your home.

With Aloha,


Jeff Allen
"The Fine Art of Holography"
E-Art Gallery
808.965.1978 (Hawaii Vacation location)

"If You Want to Predict the future...Invent It!" Dennis Gabor - Nobel Prize Winners for Holography

Monday, June 15, 2009

Marooned on Gilligan’s Island

(Top image Jeff Allen strolling on Moloaa Bay)
(Captain's Quarters - The place to write your novel)
Flashback January 3rd. One of the favorite tourist attractions on Kauai is taking a bus tour and visiting locations where movies like Jurassic Park, the Raiders series, South Pacific and even television shows like Gilligan’s Island were filmed.

Moloaa Bay (bit north of Anahola) is where Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, the professor, the captain and his wife faced the challenging, and mostly comical, prospects of surviving after being shipwrecked on an island (in reality, the not so tiny island of Kauai).

This was also the first stop in Kauai for me and Eileen Borgeson, staying at another one of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s five beachfront locations on Kauai. We came directly here after a short flight from Oahu leaving their Makaha Cabana location where we composed our first ‘Brief’ magazine ad. They designed a three story house and had it built right on Moloaa beach, and while gazing out the third floor balcony you get the impression that you’re on a ship complete with expansive ocean views.

While there, the thought that occurred to me most was what a perfect retreat to settle in to write a novel while sitting on a large wooden rocking chair mesmerized by the sites and sounds of the ever-changing ocean. Of course, herein lies the problem. It’s so easy to become mesmerized, when would you find the time, or incentive, or write?

In spite of the totally immersive and captivating experience we had at this location, we were able to conduct a lot of ‘virtual’ business and happily returned to this location after stays at three other of Gary’s locations. With a bit of sadness we left Kauai but at the same time with enthusiasm to be returning to our former home, the Big Island, and with excitement to begin work with Peter Sieg of Maalea Press in Hilo on ultra high resolution giclee artist’s proofs of Eileen’s ‘Aloha Marilyn Monroe’.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two E-Hologram Sculptures created as Pulsed Laser Art and Awards

These large, pulsed laser created holograms of Eileen Borgeson’s bronze “Athena” and “Orbital Muse” are unique holograms with parallax in both the X and Y axis and dimension in the Z axis. What this means is that you can look side-by-side, up-and-down, forward and back-with complete parallax-at the three dimensional images of the sculptures which have been “identically reconstructed as light sculptures”...an exciting new twist to the ‘limited edition’ concept in Art.

They look exactly like the actual sculptures, catching even the bronze patina on “Athena”, except when you go to grasp them, which viewers invariably try to do, your hand passes right through them.

Ron Olson, at his Laser Reflections laboratory in Las Vegas, created the original holograms from Eileen Borgeson’s sculptures. From those originals, he then created ‘white-light-viewable’, ‘projected image’ holograms (where you see a portion of the image floating in front of the holographic glass plate).

The “Orbital Muse” E-HoloGram was a front page feature article in the Star-Bulletin Newspaper in Honolulu, (by Burl Burlingame, July 3, 2007) So intrigued were they with holography, they plastered ¼ of the page with the photo of the “Orbital Muse“ hologram! (Story entitled: “Holographic sculptures made by a couple on the Big Island are bestowed as awards” (Link to article - http://archives.starbulletin.com/2007/07/03/)

Of the many different types of holograms existing, pulsed laser holograms are truly some of the most impressive and realistic holograms today. They can catch animate objects like people, animals and plants by the ‘pulse’ of the laser. It’s measured in nano-seconds and effectively ‘freezes’ any motion of the subject and enables an ‘un-blurred instant recording ‘of the image.

Some other types of holograms require a ‘vibration-free table or environment’ to capture even solid images. This is accomplished through extended time exposures. This holographic technique also creates holograms of ‘living subjects’ from previously recorded film of digital imagery.

And now, we suggest you keep your eyes open for the very latest innovation in holographic technology…creating large, moving, full-color holograms directly from digital files.

Eileen’s Promax “Muse of Creativity” Sculpture – Revisiting an Award Icon

Today Eileen Borgeson shot some digitals of her bronze “Muse of Creativity” (only two cast bronzes were ever made of the Muse) on our porch overlooking the tropical backyard. Yesterday Eileen had also just come across a slide of the original ‘sculpey’ version of the “Muse of Creativity” statue which she sculpted back in 1995 for Promax’s first Award Sculpture. They honored 50 winners for the best broadcast marketing promotions at their annual convention in Washington, DC. [Eileen had created two crystal/gold award designs they presented for several years to the winners previously.]

Now more than 10,000 Gold and Silver Muses have been given out since. Next Tuesday through Thursday (June 16th – 17th, 2009) Promax/BDA (the global entertainment marketing, promotion, and design community organization) will be having their 54th Annual International Convention and Awards ceremony (hosted by Bob Saget)in NYC and will be giving out hundreds of these awards. Eight other awards shows are held in other geographical areas (Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom) throughout each year.

Eileen included in the shot of the Muse of Creativity, the Muse’s sisters, “Ascension” and “Pele”, which she sculpted over here on the Big Island maybe five years ago. Both these and three other sculptures were created at the same time in Hawaii and were made into molds and cast in different materials working with Scott Siegel of R. S. Owens, manufacturers of the Oscar©, Emmy, MTV Music, Academy of County Music and Eileen’s Promax “Muse of Creativity” Award. The sculptures premiered at the International Awards and Recognition Conference in Las Vegas in the lobby and at R. S. Owens’ booth.

The Pele in the image above was finished in 24K Gold leaf and Ascension, in bronze with a variegated green patina, was cast by Jim Marino at his Heretic Glass (& Bronze) Foundry in Gold Beach in the southern most part of the Oregon Coast.

Ascension has been given on two separate occasions, as a Holography Pioneer Award (with a hologram on its base) to holography legend Lloyd Cross and as a Space Exploration ‘Life Time Achievement’ Award by JUSTSAP (also with a hologram.)

The “Muse of Creativity” even replaced the “Oscar” on R. S. Owens’ ‘Elegance in Awards and Gifts’ catalog cover one year because of its beauty and success (see above visual.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haena Beach, Kauai – Gateway to Jurassic Park

As you can tell from the satellite picture, Heana beach is a secluded piece of Kauai paradise at the end of the road and the beginning of the 'Jurassic' Napali Coastline

At our two separate stays here we had two visits from family… Eileen Borgeson’s brother, Jim Martin and his new wife. [Note: Year before last Eileen was the wedding planner for Jim and Lynn and they tied the knot in Vacationland by the water… across the street from the house where, ironically, we moved into a few months later.}

Next we were visited by Candace, Mia (my granddaughter), spirited ‘Krazy’ Katie, her daughter Charley, and our newest ‘family’ member, Marjy Berkman. We later heard that Katie said it was the best vacation she ever had-a comment we keep hearing from those who’ve stayed at Gary’s locations. This is another one of the big houses that Gary and Apolonia designed and built themselves-with plenty of space for visiting yet also places to be alone. We understand the house they built on Maui is the same design only 50% larger.

As far as weather goes, especially for winter near the bottom of the range containing the rainiest mountain on earth, the sun shined almost every day. We were able to swim, snorkel, balance on the paddleboards, watch the kite surfers and just relax on the sunny beach almost ever day.

Soaking in their hot tub in the day overlooking the bay or gazing at the stars at night with the constant sound of the ocean was a wonderful form of meditation.

Along with family visiting, I was involved with the marketing of my family’s interest in some mineral rights property in Utah. Eileen finalized her Marilyn and began some other art projects. We spent quite a few days taking pictures of Eileen for the ‘Brief’ magazine ad. The lighting changed rapidly throughout the day, not to mention the sporadic showers, but we finally got the shot we liked. (Above is a pic of Eileen Borgeson we considered for the ad)

Kauai - "Garden of Eden…without the Snake"

(Above Pic - Sunset Haena Beach with 'Bali Hai' mountains background - gateway to the rugged and spectacular Napali Coast)

Flashback Kauai. Why anyone would buy a round trip ticket to Kauai is beyond me. Why would you want to leave? It’s exquisite! Of course, there are other types of paradise…The Big Island, Mendocino, Big Sur, New York City… with many adventures awaiting.

(Left Pic - Eileen Borgeson floating on a boogie board off Haena Beach after cruising the bay standing up on a long board)

Speaking of snakes, actually there are no snakes on any of the islands…eels (and wild pigs)…but no snakes.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands chain and possibly the lushest. Given Gary’s abilities to know the best places in Hawaii to stay, there’s no wonder why he has five places here on the north shores of Kauai.

Any wonder that South Pacific was filmed here also. I thought it had been filmed in Bali. When I saw the ‘Bali Hai’ mountains at Gary and Apolonia’s ‘Haena Beach’ location, it was like a Zen Slap…I really got it.

This mountain range is also the gateway to Jurassic Park and some Indiana Jones adventures.

Eileen Borgeson and I arrived in Kauai in January to start composing our next ‘Brief Magazine’ ad and for Eileen to complete her “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” drawing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback (Dec. 29th to Jan. 6th) to West Makaha – living right on the beach

Kind of Yin Yang… From the excitement of Waikiki to the laid back Makaha on the west (sunnier) side of the island (almost to the road’s end) where you can still immerse yourself in that ‘old Hawaii’ feeling.

Thanks to Eileen’s life-long friend, Loren Lasher, he and his canine buddy, “Buddy” (a hospital ‘positive therapy’ dog) took some time off to drive us to the new beach location. Loren is a motivational speaker who walks the talk and shares his insights in a weekly E-newsletter to his friends and associates here and around the globe. (www.LorenLasher.com).

Here we spent a week basking in the sun on ‘another white sandy beach in Hawaii’, swimming, working on Marilyn Monroe and comprising an ad for ‘Brief’ magazine inviting Promax/BDA members to any of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s 17 beachfront houses on 6 islands in Hawaii for ‘creative vacations’. This is a term we gleaned from a headline on Obama’s two week stay on Oahu before returning to Washington to become the United States’ next president. Seems like Hawaii must be a good, creative place to be when Obama comes here to prepare for his newly appointed mission ‘to save’ the world.

It is time for the Aloha Spirit to spread throughout this planet.

For years I’ve had the dream of being right on a white sand beach and here I was-literally one step from the patio onto the beach with the ocean calling only a few hundred feet away. After pinching myself, I realized this was not a scene in a HoloDeck. This was real. And life is good.

Admittedly, it’s a challenge to be motivated and conduct business when you’re already living a life many people are striving for. Eileen and I are so lucky to be passionate about what we are doing or we’d possibly never get anything done. And Gary and Apolonia’s places are experiences you want to make people aware of and share with as many as possible. The happier the planet is the happier we all can be.

We spent New Years Eve here and actually participated in roasting a pig on a keawe wood fire, Huli Huli style… filling the pig with lemongrass, garlic, salt and lots of red wine…then basting, fanning and poking it periodically. Mmmm good, especially when shared with sooo many ‘uncles and aunties’.

The private fireworks here are surreal. Some of the displays coming from individual yards could compete with a small city’s display, though the lingering smoke is so thick you can barely see. I’m not suggesting an oxygen mask but it’s not a bad idea. But oh the brilliant, cascading explosions were just awesome!...and seeing them from the white sandy beach…quite a memory. Hawaiians certainly know how to bring in a New Year.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On a white sandy beach in Hawaii

Flashback – December 28th, 2008. After many months of being mainland bound we finally returned to Hawaii. First stop for just an evening was Gary and Apolonia Stice’s Waikiki Penthouse overlooking Diamond Head and less than a half block to the beach.

On our first evening beach stroll we could hear a live group playing on a nearby rooftop restaurant singing ‘on a white sandy beach in Hawaii’. This is a song we love so much from the IZ album. It all seemed just perfect and it was sooo good to be back.

We have lived on the Big Island for many years now and being the newest island, it is mostly black lava shorelines with sometimes black (and green) sandy beaches (though since we have found some incredible white sand beaches on the west side). For the next couple of months we were embarking on a journey which included staying in 6 different locations of Gary’s beachfront houses on Oahu and Kauai while Eileen created her ‘Aloha Marilyn Monroe’ inspired by various Hawaii locations and experiences.

Though we usually find ourselves in idyllic remote locations, being in Waikiki was exciting and a pleasure. There’s something about locations where almost everyone is on vacation…not to mention nightlife, restaurants, galleries and other assorted activities.

We look forward to returning there soon. Honolulu is the largest city in Hawaii and a good focal point for conducting business in Hawaii. Honolulu also services an International crowd with one of the biggest art markets in the world and has some classic galleries offering art on the quality of Eileen’s art.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kealakekua Bay Portal to Dolphin Heaven

Visuals - Left, then right view with Birgit, Ariya's childhood friend from Germany

“This is the absolute best place I’ve ever been on vacation!” We hear these words often from family and friends who have shared our stays at Gary and Apolonia Stice’s “Hale Naia” house on Kealakekua Bay, Kona side of the Big Island.

Eileen Borgeson and I are staying here for a few days with our ‘daughter-in-law’ Ariya and my grandson Naiya De before they fly off to Germany, Ariya’s homeland, for five weeks.

This amazing home, as are all of Gary’s 17 beachfront houses on 6 islands, is strategically located in literally the best spot on the Bay. It’s also known as the ‘point house’ since it’s at the end of the road adjacent to the Dolphin viewing point and closest to Captain Cook’s monument.

Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook, is known by locals to be THE BEST snorkeling in Hawaii. A monument has been erected in the memory of Captain Cook where he was killed on February 14th, 1779. It’s placed on a piece of land that is the only property in the United States owned by England. This is also the destination landing place for kayaks and snorkeling boats taking off from Kona.

Dolphins are frequently seen swimming and spinning here and during whale session you can see Grey Whales breaching in the Bay. Our friends, artists Willa Martin and David Carlin, whose place is just a couple of blocks away, tell of seeing the birth of a baby whale right in front. Eileen and I swam with the dolphins many times just beyond the house. Remember…these are beautiful, wild creatures in their domain, and the experience is both exhilarating and reverent at the same time. It really does seem to change you. You wonder who is the most ‘evolved’. For one thing, they’re always playing. How uncivilized?

Eileen and I especially like to ‘brainstorm’, as well as ‘execute’ business strategies and future art editions here. With FedEx and Internet access there are no limits on conducting inspired and effective virtual communications from almost anywhere…so it might as well be paradise. Last year a business acquaintance flew in from Canada for a ‘relaxing’ intensive where we reviewed some holography opportunities with his holographic glass company and my business associations in Dubai.

Gary, the talented and savvy businessman/owner of these 17 Hawaii locations, was previously involved with mapping the shorelines on Hawaii and got to know the best locations on the island. His passion for Hawaii combined with his knowledge of unique beach locations inspired him to ‘collect’ houses in some of the most desirable areas in the Hawaii island chain. He and Apolonia now share their houses, as vacation rentals, to individuals and families looking for a ‘treasured experience’ in real Hawaii. Check out their website for pictures and descriptions of their hand-picked beach front locations on every island. www.MyHawaiiBeachfront.com.

Eileen and I, without reservation, suggest to anyone coming to Hawaii for vacation, sabbatical or as a ‘creative retreat’ to stay in any of Gary’s locations. Many of the homes Gary and Apolonia have designed and built themselves using exotic woods and materials from Apolonia’s homeland, the Philippines. Their Anini Beach house in Kauai is a masterpiece with the white sands adjacent to the property and the gentle beach waters only a few feet away.

Each of our stays was like living the chapters in an adventure novel…Different beaches, mountains, neighborhoods, characters, sunsets, sunrises, food and history. Across the street from this house is an ancient heiau and next to it a monument to the first Christian church, which almost touches the sacred heaiu…not sure of the logic for this. The Hawaiians used to ‘bury’ their chiefs in the caves in the cliffs you see when looking towards Captain Cook’s monument. You surely can feel the intense history of this location.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Haena Beach Flashback in Kauai

Here is a shot I took of Eileen Borgeson when we were staying at one of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s 17 beachfront houses (www.MyHawaiiBeachFront.com) near ‘Tunnels beach’ in Kauai (with ad concept draft.) We used this picture in an ad we produced for ‘Brief Magazine's' Spring 2009 edition.

“Brief Magazine’ is the international journal of media marketing, promotion and design. We were suggesting its readers take a 'Creative Escape' to one of Gary’s locations to manifest their next Promax Muse Award-Winning Campaign.

The Promax Muse Award is a sculpture created by Eileen and more than 10,000 Muse sculptures have been given world-wide at their eight different annual award ceremonies.

During the months of January and February we stayed at 6 of Gary’s locations on Oahu and Kauai while Eileen was creating her Marilyn Monroe drawing from the historic Tom Kelley ‘Red Velvet’ photo sessions 60 years ago, May 27, 1949. (Press Releases - www.prlog.org/10244623, and http://www.theopenpress.com/index.php?a=press&id=50927 ). One pose of Marilyn from this session went on to launch Playboy as its first centerfold.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Active Volcano Reminder

Living in the Puna area of the Big Island certainly keeps you aware that you’re living on an active volcano.

Today I was sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean in front of our house. To the left was a stark, rugged black coast line framed by ‘living green plant life’ of all types living symbiotically with the relatively new lava rock. A cruise ship rounded the corner on its mission to view the lava as it spills into the ocean. The plumes from the lava flowing are visible to the right along the coast line

The actual lava flow is probably only 8 miles from us. A short walk near Uncle Roberts at night over the lava from a previous eruption offers a night view of the glowing rivers of red making their way to the ocean offering its contribution to creating a new coast line.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flash Back - Sonoma Coast

On our last trip back to the mainland and our Mendocino coast studio in Gualala we snapped this picture. We were going to visit Eileen's daughter, Erin Wallen, and granddaughter, Ava for Easter. The shot was taken before Jenner at the mouth where the Russian River meets the ocean.

Further south down the coast is Bodega Bay. Driving up the coast to our studio California Highway 1 drives on high cliffs that remind me of the Big Sur coast.