Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Newspeak 'brainstorming' and New "Aloha Marilyn"

We're continually on the search for unique art editions and mediums for publishing and licensing Eileen Borgeson's "Aloha Marilyn" (inspired by Tom Kelly's 'Red Velvet' photo session in 1949 with 22 year old Marilyn Monroe), and we especially like our latest 'artist proof' (see image) created just last Sunday with Peter Sieg of Maalea Press in Hilo, Hawaii ( We've printed three 'Marilyns' on canvas each with it's own background color, bordered in black. She's seductive, alluring yet she keeps that 'appple pie innocence'look.

This morning we had a conference call arranged by Carol Eisenrauch and Julie 'Surfer' Sweetwood of Hurrah Marketing ( between Eileen Borgeson & myself and Andreea Prichea & Erik Montovano of Newspeak. They're a creative agency that works on Identity design, Motion design, Editorial design, Print design, Web design plus Short films, Music videos and HD Video editing( Quite the versatile organization.

We discussed 'teaming' with Newspeak in a synergistic collaboration to launch the 'Fine Art and Holographic Creative Services' of Eileen's and mine this June 16-18 at the PromaxBDA International Conference and Awards Show in NYC. Promax's "Muse of Creativity" Award to be given at this event was sculptured by Eileen and licensed to them to use as their own 'Oscar'. The Promax Muse Award is presented at other separate award shows and conferences throughout the year in eight territories, which include: Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom.

PromaxBDA's Conference is the world's largest entertainment marketing, promotion and design event attracting industry leaders and executives from top television networks, cable channels, local stations, station groups, distribution, syndication, media and creative agencies, design and emerging media.

We will be placing a full page ad in the Summer/PromaxBDA Conference issue of Brief Magazine (global entertainment/information industry magazine) along with web banner ads and email blasts.

Eileen and I have decided we'd both like to win one of her Promax Muse Award statues through a 'E-HoloGram' print campaign in one of the different Promax print award catagories. Newspeaks has the experience, energy and creative juices to help us realize this dream.

Holography is rapidly becoming the medium of choice from impactive communication to creating future quantum nano-computers. Eileen tweaks the holographic expression to deliver not only a powerful message but to create timeless (as well as historic) pieces of art. Eileen has worked with several holographers and holographic laboratories to create a vast array of different holographic images of her sculptures including Athena (which was presented to two retiring female heads of the FAA) as well as the Space Industry award icon, the Muse of Flight.

Today we received a package from Kizzie Suriel and Joe Famosa of Vacumet. They've sent us a variety of Holographic samples we're considering using for the potential holographic "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" art editions, E-HoloGrams and magazine covers. Vacumet produced the Rolling Stones Magazine and TV Guide holographic covers.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gallery Hopping with Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jordan Hologram

Martina (left) and artist Eileen (right) with larger-than-life "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" Portrait.

After rising to the sounds of the tropical birds in our jungle hide-a-way, Eileen Borgeson and I drove to the Kona side of the island to The Gallery ( at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and met with Martina Stephens, the gallery director. Carolyn Chase, of the Chase and Hanes Gallery in Hilo arranged the meeting and she and Peter Sieg of Maalea Press ( joined us in the adventure. Carol and Martina are long time friends and used to work together at this Gallery so it was a casual and informal visit which very much included the Aloha spirit.

We viewed various art editions of Eileen's, including: several different "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" giclee prints-one larger than life and one with 3 images of Marilyn with different colored backgrounds- bronze sculptures (Ascention Bronze and the Muse of Creativity Bronze/AKA: Promax Muse Award) and "Astroid embossed Hologram" (an E-HoloPrint card produced by Letterhead Press -

We also looked at several holograms from my collection, including: Sports Illustrated's Holographic "Michael Jordon" Cover and a projected digital holographic mini-movie of a face morphing/opening into the muscles and the skeleton. Very cool.

The Gallery had one of the most extensive and stunning displays of original art by local Big Island Artists. It's sad that this 'economical adjustment' we're going through has had it's effects on some areas of the art market...especially affecting the artists that are creating such amazing imagery. This is certainly the time to acquire art with the prices lowered by the artist reflecting their sensitivity to the current economic climate.

Next, down the street to the Genesis Galleries in the Kings Shops Waikoloa and Queens Market Place where we briefly met with Vera Kirkpatrick, who, with her husband John, own their three galleries on the Kona side. Eileen was particularly taken by some of their unique museum quality and glass art pieces. The emerging and seasoned Glass artists are continually stretching the evelope of what's possible with the medium.

After that we drove from sunny Kona over the Saddle Road, which runs between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa Volcanos to Hilo. The clouds cleared enough for us to see the observatories and some snow on the tops of both volcanoes. On our drive we brainstormed about the initial Hawaii launch of the "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" at Carolyn's gallery in Hilo the first part of May.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Found picture of Chuck Jones 83rd Birthday Present Presentation

I came across some interesting pictures of a surprise birthday present presentation fourteen years ago for Chuck Jones’ 83rd at the Linda Jones (Chuck’s daughter) Enterprises’ gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Craig Kausen, Chuck’s grandson, made the presentation of Eileen Borgeson and Butch Young's glass Luminaire of Chuck’s Michigan J. Frog, carved by Butch Young (Eileen’s close friend and ‘master blaster’.)

Craig is now president of Linda Jones Enterprises (LJE). LJE has worked in the past with Eileen and Butch creating art editions and custom art pieces in glass of some of Eileen's interpretations of Chuck’s art, including: “Grinch” portrait Luminaire, the “Fix It Up There” (Grinch) Luminaire, “Cindy Lou Who”, Luminaire, and “Grinch Chimney” (custom Luminaire) and Grinch (custom) Vase. (All carved by Butch also).

We keep in contact with Craig and spoke with him last Wednesday and Thursday. He suggested we create a blog. We have also discussed with him the potential of holographic art editions. Craig is an individual who is a real gem and asset in the fine art world. And everyone who knows him knows he comes from the heart.

"Aloha Marilyn Monroe" preparation for The Gallery at the Kona Hilton Hotel

Yesterday Eileen Borgeson worked on two mixed-media "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" orginals (full body and close-up) incorporating a high resolution digital print with oils, watercolors and pastels. She worked on the patio of our rented jungle cottage (no windows, only huge screens) from Cynthia "Lahi" Verschuur through Craigslist. Her cottage is surrounded by jungle adding the element and inspiration of ultra nature to Eileen's art piece. "Lahi" is a video producer/director as well as hula dancer/marimba player/surfer residing in SeaView.

We are preparing for an art presentation Monday at The Gallery in the Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort on the Kona side of the Big Island arranged by Carolyn Chase owner of the "Chase and Hanes Gallery" in Hilo, Hawaii who will be with us. Peter Sieg of Maalea Press, also in Hilo, will also be with us. Peter is co-publishing the Digital "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" with us on his state-of-the-art German scanner and printer. This equipment is the same used by the Smithsonian and The Louvre.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Aloha Marilyn Monroe Holographic Mag Cover

Presently located in a cute cottage in Seaview on the Big Island for a few days with artist, Eileen Borgeson. Been discussing several approaches to offer Eileen's "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" as a holographic magazine cover.

"Aloha Marilyn Monroe" is Eileen's idealization of the famous and iconic Marilyn Monroe image which was taken during a photo session by photographer Tom Kelly on May 27th, 1949 almost 60 years ago. Images from this session were published in Playboy's first magazine and the concept later became their Centerfold.

Eileen has worked with other artists, their estates and companies idealizing their art and creating fine art editions of the works. These artists and companies, include: Erte (considerated the Father of Art Deco), John Lennon, Chuck Jones, Maxfield Parrish, Nagel, Robert Hoppe, Otsuka, Muramasa Kudo, Disney and Warner Bros.). Eileen's website is:

Eileen has created many different art editions using many different holographic techniques. She has produced several E-HoloPrints, including: Virtual Adventurer, Astroid, Guardian Angels with Earth and Guardian Angels for A&E Magazine's March 2008 Cover for their 20th year anniversary.

Our collaborative holographic magazine cover of Aloha Marilyn Monroe will be mixed-media and incorporate various holographic printing techniques. Some articles on my involvement in Holography can be referenced at