Friday, April 24, 2009

Aloha Marilyn Monroe Holographic Mag Cover

Presently located in a cute cottage in Seaview on the Big Island for a few days with artist, Eileen Borgeson. Been discussing several approaches to offer Eileen's "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" as a holographic magazine cover.

"Aloha Marilyn Monroe" is Eileen's idealization of the famous and iconic Marilyn Monroe image which was taken during a photo session by photographer Tom Kelly on May 27th, 1949 almost 60 years ago. Images from this session were published in Playboy's first magazine and the concept later became their Centerfold.

Eileen has worked with other artists, their estates and companies idealizing their art and creating fine art editions of the works. These artists and companies, include: Erte (considerated the Father of Art Deco), John Lennon, Chuck Jones, Maxfield Parrish, Nagel, Robert Hoppe, Otsuka, Muramasa Kudo, Disney and Warner Bros.). Eileen's website is:

Eileen has created many different art editions using many different holographic techniques. She has produced several E-HoloPrints, including: Virtual Adventurer, Astroid, Guardian Angels with Earth and Guardian Angels for A&E Magazine's March 2008 Cover for their 20th year anniversary.

Our collaborative holographic magazine cover of Aloha Marilyn Monroe will be mixed-media and incorporate various holographic printing techniques. Some articles on my involvement in Holography can be referenced at

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