Saturday, April 25, 2009

Found picture of Chuck Jones 83rd Birthday Present Presentation

I came across some interesting pictures of a surprise birthday present presentation fourteen years ago for Chuck Jones’ 83rd at the Linda Jones (Chuck’s daughter) Enterprises’ gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Craig Kausen, Chuck’s grandson, made the presentation of Eileen Borgeson and Butch Young's glass Luminaire of Chuck’s Michigan J. Frog, carved by Butch Young (Eileen’s close friend and ‘master blaster’.)

Craig is now president of Linda Jones Enterprises (LJE). LJE has worked in the past with Eileen and Butch creating art editions and custom art pieces in glass of some of Eileen's interpretations of Chuck’s art, including: “Grinch” portrait Luminaire, the “Fix It Up There” (Grinch) Luminaire, “Cindy Lou Who”, Luminaire, and “Grinch Chimney” (custom Luminaire) and Grinch (custom) Vase. (All carved by Butch also).

We keep in contact with Craig and spoke with him last Wednesday and Thursday. He suggested we create a blog. We have also discussed with him the potential of holographic art editions. Craig is an individual who is a real gem and asset in the fine art world. And everyone who knows him knows he comes from the heart.

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