Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Newspeak 'brainstorming' and New "Aloha Marilyn"

We're continually on the search for unique art editions and mediums for publishing and licensing Eileen Borgeson's "Aloha Marilyn" (inspired by Tom Kelly's 'Red Velvet' photo session in 1949 with 22 year old Marilyn Monroe), and we especially like our latest 'artist proof' (see image) created just last Sunday with Peter Sieg of Maalea Press in Hilo, Hawaii ( We've printed three 'Marilyns' on canvas each with it's own background color, bordered in black. She's seductive, alluring yet she keeps that 'appple pie innocence'look.

This morning we had a conference call arranged by Carol Eisenrauch and Julie 'Surfer' Sweetwood of Hurrah Marketing ( between Eileen Borgeson & myself and Andreea Prichea & Erik Montovano of Newspeak. They're a creative agency that works on Identity design, Motion design, Editorial design, Print design, Web design plus Short films, Music videos and HD Video editing( Quite the versatile organization.

We discussed 'teaming' with Newspeak in a synergistic collaboration to launch the 'Fine Art and Holographic Creative Services' of Eileen's and mine this June 16-18 at the PromaxBDA International Conference and Awards Show in NYC. Promax's "Muse of Creativity" Award to be given at this event was sculptured by Eileen and licensed to them to use as their own 'Oscar'. The Promax Muse Award is presented at other separate award shows and conferences throughout the year in eight territories, which include: Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom.

PromaxBDA's Conference is the world's largest entertainment marketing, promotion and design event attracting industry leaders and executives from top television networks, cable channels, local stations, station groups, distribution, syndication, media and creative agencies, design and emerging media.

We will be placing a full page ad in the Summer/PromaxBDA Conference issue of Brief Magazine (global entertainment/information industry magazine) along with web banner ads and email blasts.

Eileen and I have decided we'd both like to win one of her Promax Muse Award statues through a 'E-HoloGram' print campaign in one of the different Promax print award catagories. Newspeaks has the experience, energy and creative juices to help us realize this dream.

Holography is rapidly becoming the medium of choice from impactive communication to creating future quantum nano-computers. Eileen tweaks the holographic expression to deliver not only a powerful message but to create timeless (as well as historic) pieces of art. Eileen has worked with several holographers and holographic laboratories to create a vast array of different holographic images of her sculptures including Athena (which was presented to two retiring female heads of the FAA) as well as the Space Industry award icon, the Muse of Flight.

Today we received a package from Kizzie Suriel and Joe Famosa of Vacumet. They've sent us a variety of Holographic samples we're considering using for the potential holographic "Aloha Marilyn Monroe" art editions, E-HoloGrams and magazine covers. Vacumet produced the Rolling Stones Magazine and TV Guide holographic covers.

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