Friday, May 29, 2009

Haena Beach Flashback in Kauai

Here is a shot I took of Eileen Borgeson when we were staying at one of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s 17 beachfront houses ( near ‘Tunnels beach’ in Kauai (with ad concept draft.) We used this picture in an ad we produced for ‘Brief Magazine's' Spring 2009 edition.

“Brief Magazine’ is the international journal of media marketing, promotion and design. We were suggesting its readers take a 'Creative Escape' to one of Gary’s locations to manifest their next Promax Muse Award-Winning Campaign.

The Promax Muse Award is a sculpture created by Eileen and more than 10,000 Muse sculptures have been given world-wide at their eight different annual award ceremonies.

During the months of January and February we stayed at 6 of Gary’s locations on Oahu and Kauai while Eileen was creating her Marilyn Monroe drawing from the historic Tom Kelley ‘Red Velvet’ photo sessions 60 years ago, May 27, 1949. (Press Releases -, and ). One pose of Marilyn from this session went on to launch Playboy as its first centerfold.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Active Volcano Reminder

Living in the Puna area of the Big Island certainly keeps you aware that you’re living on an active volcano.

Today I was sitting on a rock overlooking the ocean in front of our house. To the left was a stark, rugged black coast line framed by ‘living green plant life’ of all types living symbiotically with the relatively new lava rock. A cruise ship rounded the corner on its mission to view the lava as it spills into the ocean. The plumes from the lava flowing are visible to the right along the coast line

The actual lava flow is probably only 8 miles from us. A short walk near Uncle Roberts at night over the lava from a previous eruption offers a night view of the glowing rivers of red making their way to the ocean offering its contribution to creating a new coast line.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flash Back - Sonoma Coast

On our last trip back to the mainland and our Mendocino coast studio in Gualala we snapped this picture. We were going to visit Eileen's daughter, Erin Wallen, and granddaughter, Ava for Easter. The shot was taken before Jenner at the mouth where the Russian River meets the ocean.

Further south down the coast is Bodega Bay. Driving up the coast to our studio California Highway 1 drives on high cliffs that remind me of the Big Sur coast.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brief Magazine Ad for Motion Holograms

This is the ad Eileen and I worked on last week with Andreea Prichea and Erik Montovano of Newspeak in New York for inclusion into Brief magazine's Summer and Promax/BDA conference issue. The ad was designed by Erik of Newspeak. Newspeak is our newest alliance to service the global electronic entertainment community with 'motion holograms' for print and other applications.

Brief magazine is the international journal of media marketing, promotion and design executives and creatives. Brief is mailed to these 8,000 individuals & companies and distributed at PromaxBDA conferences and award shows.

FedEx with Aloha

Eileen Borgeson and I are creating a type of holographic edition of Eileen’s Aloha Marilyn Monroe using a patented dot matrix holography technique created by Vacumet. The technique is ‘green/recyclable’ and illuminates Eileen’s Marilyn with holographic spectrum light (see final artist proof above).

On two occasions now, we were eagerly awaiting seeing our artist proofs of the development of the hologram being sent by Vacumet to us FedEx. Here lies the FedEx with Aloha story.

The first set of artist proofs were sent to our ‘adopted daughter’ Ariya’s address who resides in SeaView since we had just settled in a new place and hadn’t received mail here yet. When Fed Ex’s, Tamara Crater (her real name), arrived to deliver the package, Ariya let her know we were waiting and excited to receive the package.

Without asking, Tamara suggested she’d give us extra special VIP treatment and would deliver the package to our address, on one condition…she receives a hug. (Ahh…only in Hawaii.) We eagerly accepted the terms and minutes later we were all looking at the Aloha Marilyn Artist Proofs for a first time ‘sneak preview’…after appropriate hugs.

One week later, the newest Marilyn Artist Proofs were sent to us FedEx to our new address. We weren’t aware of the specifics and weren’t here to receive the package, but on our return, there was the package left for us anyway at the back door. We still don’t know whether in was our angel Tamara who took the initiative to leave it for us on a Friday afternoon (not having to wait till Monday) or another FedEx angel.

Note: We are now in communications with several major magazines in reference to their potential use of our Aloha Marilyn hologram for their magazine covers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aloha Marilyn Monroe E-HoloGram Magazine Artist Proof

Last Friday Eileen Borgeson and I received the first artist proof of the Aloha Marilyn Monroe E-HoloGram. We’ve been working on this with Joe Formosa and Kizzie Suriel of Vacumet over the past month. Basically, Eileen’s Marilyn is printed on a special patented dot matrix holographic material with areas screened to create a different translucency allowing various intensities of the metallic holographic ‘rainbow’ effect to shine through.

It’s a relatively simple process and we like the ‘enhancement’ it creates for Marilyn, especially since she’s island themed… and rainbows are such an integral part of the island experience. We’ve been working with Vacumet in preparation of offering Eileen’s ‘Marilyn’ as a holographic Magazine cover. This is one version…the dot matrix version. There will be at least two other E-HoloGrams of Marilyn: composite and 3-D animated.

The idea of a Marilyn Holographic Cover occurred when we first met last fall with Tom Kelly Jr., son of Tom Kelly, who took the infamous ‘Red Velvet Collection’ series of photos of Marilyn on May 27th, 1949, almost exactly 60 years ago. One shot from this session several years later was released in Playboy Magazine’s inaugural issue and became its first ‘centerfold’. Our relationship with Tom Kelly Jr. allows Eileen to create her signature style art editions using the images of Marilyn from this session.

Our choice of magazines we’d like to see it on would be: Playboy, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Interview, Wallpaper and TV Guide. Vacumet has produced holographic covers for many magazines, including: Rolling Stones, Maxim and T V Guide.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ahhh…Where it all began.

Around ten years ago, Eileen and I visited Hawaii for the first time together. She had been to Hawaii four times before and I in passing in the late sixties while setting up entertainment circuits in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We had traded our ‘tan bark’ house in Gualala, Mendocino for an ‘off the grid’ cottage on the Big Island for a two week vacation from Catherine “Radiance” Grace. When we first arrived I eagerly went out to feel the white sand beneath my feet when I discovered volcanic cliffs with massive waves crashed into and over them. This was my first realization that the Big Island was the most recent island in the Hawaii Island chain and still had an active volcano.

We then discovered the neighboring Kapoho Warm Pond though. We were staying in the closest residence to it…a short walk of maybe 5 minutes. Soon after we were floating away from the mainland mania in the ‘bathtub warm’ pond fed by the volcano thermals and surrounded by palm trees with the sounds of the ocean crashing into a channel at the entrance to the pond. My desire for white sand had been transcended by the pleasure of weightless floating and immersion into liquid space.

Since then we have stayed at many places located one to seven miles from the warm pond. It remains as one of our very special places where we frequent as often as possible, especially on a full moon which is where we’ll be on this one.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relaxing in Pohoiki Paradise

There are so many very special places on this planet and this is one of them.

Imagine a ‘hot tub’ that is a natural grotto of black lava rock, surrounded by palm trees, overlooking the ocean and fed by volcanic thermals and flushed with every high tide. Set back only a few hundred feet from the boat ramp entry (where boats take off to fish or sometimes view the lava still flowing into the ocean). It’s a place Eileen and I frequent often. This is also one of our favorite places to dive in and swim in the ocean…and watch the surfers nearby. An added perk is that the water close to the shore is also fed by the thermals so there are wonderful pockets of warm to hot areas to swim or just float in…ah, such a life!

Yesterday we took an hour ‘hot tub’ break between our morning calls back east and afternoon jam on a project Eileen is collaborating on with her new artist/sculptor friend, Arya, whom we met in the Ahalanui warm ponds-not far from Pahoa town. Eileen’s assisting Arya on her presentation of several concepts for a large sculpture in Abu Dhabi.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Puna Retreat

Eileen and I moved to our new Puna Retreat last Thursday to settle for a least a couple of months and focus on our launch of Eileen’s “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” and our “Holographic Communication in Print” campaign targeting the worldwide Promax/BDA electronic media marketing and design executive members. The Promax Muse Awards are from a sculpture created by Eileen and are given out at eight different award ceremonies annually throughout the planet.

We discovered the island lifestyle and the Aloha feeling here are very supportive both creatively and spiritually. We feel the opportunity to spread Aloha to other parts of the world should be a major influence in sharing our art and holography techniques.

Our new Puna Retreat is ‘more good’ (as some Hawaiians would say) than some of our other locations here on the Big Island. It’s on 3 acres, two stories with lots of space for Eileen to spread out her different art projects…but challenging for me as only a ‘dial-up’ Internet connection works so far…turtle speed and ties up the phone line. But “it’s all good” (another phase heard here a lot that is very appropriate.)

The property in front of and behind the house has been majorly cleared but is surrounded by all types of trees, including: Mangoes, Bananas, Breadfruit, and -oh yes – Noni, the cure all medicinal ancient natural ‘fruit(?)’ that unfortunately smells like dirty socks to some…and I won’t go into the taste…though I have been known to drink it when I really want to ‘cure’ myself.

We’re directly across from the ocean set back about 1,000 feet on an upward slant offering an expansive view of the Ocean with a wraparound lanai on the 2nd floor.

We’re off the grid here with an array of solar panels and catchment water but by paying attention to the batteries you don’t have to notice it. Refrigerator, lights, computer all work just fine, and it offers a sense of independence and awareness of alternate choices of energy sources to live by.

Monday, May 4, 2009

SeaView’s “Space Bellyacreas” Farmers Market and Papayas

Saturdays 7:30 to 11:30 the SeaView’s local color and assorted Punatics gather together to offer and exchange fresh fruits & vegetables, baked goods, cooked foods and hand made items in an atmosphere of fun and community at Space Bellyacreas in SeaView.

Last Saturday, May 1st, Eileen (shown in the pic) and I shopped there for our stash of fresh bananas, tomatoes and avocados later augmented by a visit to the Pahoa Farmers Market on Sunday for organic Strawberry Papayas, lettuce, jicama, cucumbers and more bananas and tomatoes. Of course, we bumped into many people we know and exchanged hugs and kisses. Always a great way to start off the day.

Note: Papayas at the local store in Gualala where our Mendocino studio is have Papayas for around $7.00 each. Here you can get them sometimes 7 Solo Papayas for a $1.00 and 5 Strawberry Papayas for $2.00 at the various farmers markets. When we were on Kauai, they cost around $3.00 each for Papayas from Puna.

SeaView Cottage “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” Experience

This enchanted cottage is where Eileen and I spent the first eight days of our return to the Big Island from our studio on the Mendocino Coast. This is where we had rented for a week before our last trip to the mainland. We had found the place on Craigs List and rented from the owner, Cynthia “Lahi” Verschuur, a documentary film producer/director.

Staying here was like camping in the jungle…in a very large and comfortable tent with all the comforts of home, bedroom loft, complete kitchen (propane) and furniture. There are screens for windows and the shower and toilet (compost) are outside. The cottage is off the grid with ‘catchment water’ (rain) and electricity from a neighbor. The experience was very rewarding and living/surrounded by nature offered the proper creative environment for furthering our “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” art editions launch both artistically for Eileen and ‘Aloha inspired’ for both of us in marketing strategy.

The extra perk was being awakened each morning with the music and sounds of birds as they embrace the day. The morning bird symphonies are common on the island, but more pronounced with no windows.

We moved next to our Puna resort home next to the Kalani Resort. Huge two story house, three acreas...across the street from the about Yin Yang!

Eileen's bronze "Muse of Hope" sculpture in Kosmos Journal

The above picture was taken on the lanai at Ariya Lorenz’s ‘orange’ house in SeaView, Hawaii directly across the street from the ocean. Ariya is the mother of my Grandson, Naiya De.

This is the bronze "Muse of Hope" by Eileen. [Note: another pne of Eileen's "Muse of Hope” with a different patina was given to Bob Hope on his 98th birthday by his family and business manager.]

Eileen Borgeson looked at the new Spring/Summer 2009 ‘Kosmos Journal’ for the first time on Saturday, May 2nd. This latest issue featured Eileen’s “Muse of Hope” bronze sculpture on a full page presentation. Surrounding Eileen was Ariya, Debbie and Briana.

Kosmos Journal's mission is to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation in a global shift to a higher-order consciousness, and to transform our political, economic, ecological, aesthetic, cultural and social structures to reflect this shift.

They endeavor to do this through new ways of thinking about our commonality and diversity, and through transforming and connecting the objective world of global realities and the interior world of values and worldviews.

The latest Kosmos Journal edition focuses on “Waves of Change” personal to planetary transformation.

Nancy Roof, founding editor and art director of Kosmos Journal (, came across Eileen’s sculptures over the Internet and wanted to share Eileen’s art with her readers. She contacted Eileen and reviewed many of her sculptures. Eileen’s “Muse of Hope” was chosen.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Designing Website for “Aloha Marilyn Monroe”

[Image is Eileen Borgeson with Peter Seig and “Aloha Marilyn Monroe Scroll"]

Saturday Eileen and I worked for seven hours with Peter Sieg at his Maalea Press facilities in Hilo, Hawaii designing a new site for Eileen’s “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” digital art editions.

Much of the time was spent in discussing how Marilyn Monroe had such a major effect on the continuing global transformation of the planet. Her particular type of sensuality with innocence could only exist in a mostly peaceful time that she immerged in, the late forties through early seventies. She became the global symbol of the American Dream for Women. Beautiful, Glamorous, Successful, Sexy and Talented.

So our goal is to create an inspiration web site, spread Aloha by launching Eileen’s signature style portrait of Marilyn and pay respect to her as an individual who rose to the top of the celebrity strata for being a complete woman in every sense.