Friday, May 8, 2009

Ahhh…Where it all began.

Around ten years ago, Eileen and I visited Hawaii for the first time together. She had been to Hawaii four times before and I in passing in the late sixties while setting up entertainment circuits in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We had traded our ‘tan bark’ house in Gualala, Mendocino for an ‘off the grid’ cottage on the Big Island for a two week vacation from Catherine “Radiance” Grace. When we first arrived I eagerly went out to feel the white sand beneath my feet when I discovered volcanic cliffs with massive waves crashed into and over them. This was my first realization that the Big Island was the most recent island in the Hawaii Island chain and still had an active volcano.

We then discovered the neighboring Kapoho Warm Pond though. We were staying in the closest residence to it…a short walk of maybe 5 minutes. Soon after we were floating away from the mainland mania in the ‘bathtub warm’ pond fed by the volcano thermals and surrounded by palm trees with the sounds of the ocean crashing into a channel at the entrance to the pond. My desire for white sand had been transcended by the pleasure of weightless floating and immersion into liquid space.

Since then we have stayed at many places located one to seven miles from the warm pond. It remains as one of our very special places where we frequent as often as possible, especially on a full moon which is where we’ll be on this one.

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