Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Aloha Marilyn Monroe E-HoloGram Magazine Artist Proof

Last Friday Eileen Borgeson and I received the first artist proof of the Aloha Marilyn Monroe E-HoloGram. We’ve been working on this with Joe Formosa and Kizzie Suriel of Vacumet over the past month. Basically, Eileen’s Marilyn is printed on a special patented dot matrix holographic material with areas screened to create a different translucency allowing various intensities of the metallic holographic ‘rainbow’ effect to shine through.

It’s a relatively simple process and we like the ‘enhancement’ it creates for Marilyn, especially since she’s island themed… and rainbows are such an integral part of the island experience. We’ve been working with Vacumet in preparation of offering Eileen’s ‘Marilyn’ as a holographic Magazine cover. This is one version…the dot matrix version. There will be at least two other E-HoloGrams of Marilyn: composite and 3-D animated.

The idea of a Marilyn Holographic Cover occurred when we first met last fall with Tom Kelly Jr., son of Tom Kelly, who took the infamous ‘Red Velvet Collection’ series of photos of Marilyn on May 27th, 1949, almost exactly 60 years ago. One shot from this session several years later was released in Playboy Magazine’s inaugural issue and became its first ‘centerfold’. Our relationship with Tom Kelly Jr. allows Eileen to create her signature style art editions using the images of Marilyn from this session.

Our choice of magazines we’d like to see it on would be: Playboy, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Interview, Wallpaper and TV Guide. Vacumet has produced holographic covers for many magazines, including: Rolling Stones, Maxim and T V Guide.

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