Saturday, May 2, 2009

Designing Website for “Aloha Marilyn Monroe”

[Image is Eileen Borgeson with Peter Seig and “Aloha Marilyn Monroe Scroll"]

Saturday Eileen and I worked for seven hours with Peter Sieg at his Maalea Press facilities in Hilo, Hawaii designing a new site for Eileen’s “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” digital art editions.

Much of the time was spent in discussing how Marilyn Monroe had such a major effect on the continuing global transformation of the planet. Her particular type of sensuality with innocence could only exist in a mostly peaceful time that she immerged in, the late forties through early seventies. She became the global symbol of the American Dream for Women. Beautiful, Glamorous, Successful, Sexy and Talented.

So our goal is to create an inspiration web site, spread Aloha by launching Eileen’s signature style portrait of Marilyn and pay respect to her as an individual who rose to the top of the celebrity strata for being a complete woman in every sense.

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