Monday, May 4, 2009

Eileen's bronze "Muse of Hope" sculpture in Kosmos Journal

The above picture was taken on the lanai at Ariya Lorenz’s ‘orange’ house in SeaView, Hawaii directly across the street from the ocean. Ariya is the mother of my Grandson, Naiya De.

This is the bronze "Muse of Hope" by Eileen. [Note: another pne of Eileen's "Muse of Hope” with a different patina was given to Bob Hope on his 98th birthday by his family and business manager.]

Eileen Borgeson looked at the new Spring/Summer 2009 ‘Kosmos Journal’ for the first time on Saturday, May 2nd. This latest issue featured Eileen’s “Muse of Hope” bronze sculpture on a full page presentation. Surrounding Eileen was Ariya, Debbie and Briana.

Kosmos Journal's mission is to inform, inspire and engage individual and collective participation in a global shift to a higher-order consciousness, and to transform our political, economic, ecological, aesthetic, cultural and social structures to reflect this shift.

They endeavor to do this through new ways of thinking about our commonality and diversity, and through transforming and connecting the objective world of global realities and the interior world of values and worldviews.

The latest Kosmos Journal edition focuses on “Waves of Change” personal to planetary transformation.

Nancy Roof, founding editor and art director of Kosmos Journal (, came across Eileen’s sculptures over the Internet and wanted to share Eileen’s art with her readers. She contacted Eileen and reviewed many of her sculptures. Eileen’s “Muse of Hope” was chosen.

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