Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FedEx with Aloha

Eileen Borgeson and I are creating a type of holographic edition of Eileen’s Aloha Marilyn Monroe using a patented dot matrix holography technique created by Vacumet. The technique is ‘green/recyclable’ and illuminates Eileen’s Marilyn with holographic spectrum light (see final artist proof above).

On two occasions now, we were eagerly awaiting seeing our artist proofs of the development of the hologram being sent by Vacumet to us FedEx. Here lies the FedEx with Aloha story.

The first set of artist proofs were sent to our ‘adopted daughter’ Ariya’s address who resides in SeaView since we had just settled in a new place and hadn’t received mail here yet. When Fed Ex’s, Tamara Crater (her real name), arrived to deliver the package, Ariya let her know we were waiting and excited to receive the package.

Without asking, Tamara suggested she’d give us extra special VIP treatment and would deliver the package to our address, on one condition…she receives a hug. (Ahh…only in Hawaii.) We eagerly accepted the terms and minutes later we were all looking at the Aloha Marilyn Artist Proofs for a first time ‘sneak preview’…after appropriate hugs.

One week later, the newest Marilyn Artist Proofs were sent to us FedEx to our new address. We weren’t aware of the specifics and weren’t here to receive the package, but on our return, there was the package left for us anyway at the back door. We still don’t know whether in was our angel Tamara who took the initiative to leave it for us on a Friday afternoon (not having to wait till Monday) or another FedEx angel.

Note: We are now in communications with several major magazines in reference to their potential use of our Aloha Marilyn hologram for their magazine covers.

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