Friday, May 29, 2009

Haena Beach Flashback in Kauai

Here is a shot I took of Eileen Borgeson when we were staying at one of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s 17 beachfront houses ( near ‘Tunnels beach’ in Kauai (with ad concept draft.) We used this picture in an ad we produced for ‘Brief Magazine's' Spring 2009 edition.

“Brief Magazine’ is the international journal of media marketing, promotion and design. We were suggesting its readers take a 'Creative Escape' to one of Gary’s locations to manifest their next Promax Muse Award-Winning Campaign.

The Promax Muse Award is a sculpture created by Eileen and more than 10,000 Muse sculptures have been given world-wide at their eight different annual award ceremonies.

During the months of January and February we stayed at 6 of Gary’s locations on Oahu and Kauai while Eileen was creating her Marilyn Monroe drawing from the historic Tom Kelley ‘Red Velvet’ photo sessions 60 years ago, May 27, 1949. (Press Releases -, and ). One pose of Marilyn from this session went on to launch Playboy as its first centerfold.

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