Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Puna Retreat

Eileen and I moved to our new Puna Retreat last Thursday to settle for a least a couple of months and focus on our launch of Eileen’s “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” and our “Holographic Communication in Print” campaign targeting the worldwide Promax/BDA electronic media marketing and design executive members. The Promax Muse Awards are from a sculpture created by Eileen and are given out at eight different award ceremonies annually throughout the planet.

We discovered the island lifestyle and the Aloha feeling here are very supportive both creatively and spiritually. We feel the opportunity to spread Aloha to other parts of the world should be a major influence in sharing our art and holography techniques.

Our new Puna Retreat is ‘more good’ (as some Hawaiians would say) than some of our other locations here on the Big Island. It’s on 3 acres, two stories with lots of space for Eileen to spread out her different art projects…but challenging for me as only a ‘dial-up’ Internet connection works so far…turtle speed and ties up the phone line. But “it’s all good” (another phase heard here a lot that is very appropriate.)

The property in front of and behind the house has been majorly cleared but is surrounded by all types of trees, including: Mangoes, Bananas, Breadfruit, and -oh yes – Noni, the cure all medicinal ancient natural ‘fruit(?)’ that unfortunately smells like dirty socks to some…and I won’t go into the taste…though I have been known to drink it when I really want to ‘cure’ myself.

We’re directly across from the ocean set back about 1,000 feet on an upward slant offering an expansive view of the Ocean with a wraparound lanai on the 2nd floor.

We’re off the grid here with an array of solar panels and catchment water but by paying attention to the batteries you don’t have to notice it. Refrigerator, lights, computer all work just fine, and it offers a sense of independence and awareness of alternate choices of energy sources to live by.

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