Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relaxing in Pohoiki Paradise

There are so many very special places on this planet and this is one of them.

Imagine a ‘hot tub’ that is a natural grotto of black lava rock, surrounded by palm trees, overlooking the ocean and fed by volcanic thermals and flushed with every high tide. Set back only a few hundred feet from the boat ramp entry (where boats take off to fish or sometimes view the lava still flowing into the ocean). It’s a place Eileen and I frequent often. This is also one of our favorite places to dive in and swim in the ocean…and watch the surfers nearby. An added perk is that the water close to the shore is also fed by the thermals so there are wonderful pockets of warm to hot areas to swim or just float in…ah, such a life!

Yesterday we took an hour ‘hot tub’ break between our morning calls back east and afternoon jam on a project Eileen is collaborating on with her new artist/sculptor friend, Arya, whom we met in the Ahalanui warm ponds-not far from Pahoa town. Eileen’s assisting Arya on her presentation of several concepts for a large sculpture in Abu Dhabi.

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