Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eileen’s Promax “Muse of Creativity” Sculpture – Revisiting an Award Icon

Today Eileen Borgeson shot some digitals of her bronze “Muse of Creativity” (only two cast bronzes were ever made of the Muse) on our porch overlooking the tropical backyard. Yesterday Eileen had also just come across a slide of the original ‘sculpey’ version of the “Muse of Creativity” statue which she sculpted back in 1995 for Promax’s first Award Sculpture. They honored 50 winners for the best broadcast marketing promotions at their annual convention in Washington, DC. [Eileen had created two crystal/gold award designs they presented for several years to the winners previously.]

Now more than 10,000 Gold and Silver Muses have been given out since. Next Tuesday through Thursday (June 16th – 17th, 2009) Promax/BDA (the global entertainment marketing, promotion, and design community organization) will be having their 54th Annual International Convention and Awards ceremony (hosted by Bob Saget)in NYC and will be giving out hundreds of these awards. Eight other awards shows are held in other geographical areas (Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom) throughout each year.

Eileen included in the shot of the Muse of Creativity, the Muse’s sisters, “Ascension” and “Pele”, which she sculpted over here on the Big Island maybe five years ago. Both these and three other sculptures were created at the same time in Hawaii and were made into molds and cast in different materials working with Scott Siegel of R. S. Owens, manufacturers of the Oscar©, Emmy, MTV Music, Academy of County Music and Eileen’s Promax “Muse of Creativity” Award. The sculptures premiered at the International Awards and Recognition Conference in Las Vegas in the lobby and at R. S. Owens’ booth.

The Pele in the image above was finished in 24K Gold leaf and Ascension, in bronze with a variegated green patina, was cast by Jim Marino at his Heretic Glass (& Bronze) Foundry in Gold Beach in the southern most part of the Oregon Coast.

Ascension has been given on two separate occasions, as a Holography Pioneer Award (with a hologram on its base) to holography legend Lloyd Cross and as a Space Exploration ‘Life Time Achievement’ Award by JUSTSAP (also with a hologram.)

The “Muse of Creativity” even replaced the “Oscar” on R. S. Owens’ ‘Elegance in Awards and Gifts’ catalog cover one year because of its beauty and success (see above visual.)

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