Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback (Dec. 29th to Jan. 6th) to West Makaha – living right on the beach

Kind of Yin Yang… From the excitement of Waikiki to the laid back Makaha on the west (sunnier) side of the island (almost to the road’s end) where you can still immerse yourself in that ‘old Hawaii’ feeling.

Thanks to Eileen’s life-long friend, Loren Lasher, he and his canine buddy, “Buddy” (a hospital ‘positive therapy’ dog) took some time off to drive us to the new beach location. Loren is a motivational speaker who walks the talk and shares his insights in a weekly E-newsletter to his friends and associates here and around the globe. (

Here we spent a week basking in the sun on ‘another white sandy beach in Hawaii’, swimming, working on Marilyn Monroe and comprising an ad for ‘Brief’ magazine inviting Promax/BDA members to any of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s 17 beachfront houses on 6 islands in Hawaii for ‘creative vacations’. This is a term we gleaned from a headline on Obama’s two week stay on Oahu before returning to Washington to become the United States’ next president. Seems like Hawaii must be a good, creative place to be when Obama comes here to prepare for his newly appointed mission ‘to save’ the world.

It is time for the Aloha Spirit to spread throughout this planet.

For years I’ve had the dream of being right on a white sand beach and here I was-literally one step from the patio onto the beach with the ocean calling only a few hundred feet away. After pinching myself, I realized this was not a scene in a HoloDeck. This was real. And life is good.

Admittedly, it’s a challenge to be motivated and conduct business when you’re already living a life many people are striving for. Eileen and I are so lucky to be passionate about what we are doing or we’d possibly never get anything done. And Gary and Apolonia’s places are experiences you want to make people aware of and share with as many as possible. The happier the planet is the happier we all can be.

We spent New Years Eve here and actually participated in roasting a pig on a keawe wood fire, Huli Huli style… filling the pig with lemongrass, garlic, salt and lots of red wine…then basting, fanning and poking it periodically. Mmmm good, especially when shared with sooo many ‘uncles and aunties’.

The private fireworks here are surreal. Some of the displays coming from individual yards could compete with a small city’s display, though the lingering smoke is so thick you can barely see. I’m not suggesting an oxygen mask but it’s not a bad idea. But oh the brilliant, cascading explosions were just awesome!...and seeing them from the white sandy beach…quite a memory. Hawaiians certainly know how to bring in a New Year.

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