Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haena Beach, Kauai – Gateway to Jurassic Park

As you can tell from the satellite picture, Heana beach is a secluded piece of Kauai paradise at the end of the road and the beginning of the 'Jurassic' Napali Coastline

At our two separate stays here we had two visits from family… Eileen Borgeson’s brother, Jim Martin and his new wife. [Note: Year before last Eileen was the wedding planner for Jim and Lynn and they tied the knot in Vacationland by the water… across the street from the house where, ironically, we moved into a few months later.}

Next we were visited by Candace, Mia (my granddaughter), spirited ‘Krazy’ Katie, her daughter Charley, and our newest ‘family’ member, Marjy Berkman. We later heard that Katie said it was the best vacation she ever had-a comment we keep hearing from those who’ve stayed at Gary’s locations. This is another one of the big houses that Gary and Apolonia designed and built themselves-with plenty of space for visiting yet also places to be alone. We understand the house they built on Maui is the same design only 50% larger.

As far as weather goes, especially for winter near the bottom of the range containing the rainiest mountain on earth, the sun shined almost every day. We were able to swim, snorkel, balance on the paddleboards, watch the kite surfers and just relax on the sunny beach almost ever day.

Soaking in their hot tub in the day overlooking the bay or gazing at the stars at night with the constant sound of the ocean was a wonderful form of meditation.

Along with family visiting, I was involved with the marketing of my family’s interest in some mineral rights property in Utah. Eileen finalized her Marilyn and began some other art projects. We spent quite a few days taking pictures of Eileen for the ‘Brief’ magazine ad. The lighting changed rapidly throughout the day, not to mention the sporadic showers, but we finally got the shot we liked. (Above is a pic of Eileen Borgeson we considered for the ad)


  1. Well, there you are, frolicking amongst my old digs. Kauai is such a special place, and I was privileged to experience the full force (5) power of nature and the island in '92, with Iniki. Even more breathtaking than the complete devistation, was the ability of the island to recover. It took a year of brown hills (can you believe it?), and NO flowers (can't believe it), but this island is so ancient, and full of Mana. It is said that the earth has Chakras, just like we do. It is also said that the Hawaiian Islands are the Root Chakra, the First, the color Red, and Extremely Healing and Creative. So you're in the right place! Enjoy. Wish I could share my special spots with you, but I'm sure you'll find them eventually. Have you been to the Cold Ponds just before Ke'e, end of the road? We used them to bathe in the heat of September with no elec, no fans, no refrigeration. Sweeeeet! So Love, Alohas, Tchao, and Muchas Besas.........Carol

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