Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kauai - "Garden of Eden…without the Snake"

(Above Pic - Sunset Haena Beach with 'Bali Hai' mountains background - gateway to the rugged and spectacular Napali Coast)

Flashback Kauai. Why anyone would buy a round trip ticket to Kauai is beyond me. Why would you want to leave? It’s exquisite! Of course, there are other types of paradise…The Big Island, Mendocino, Big Sur, New York City… with many adventures awaiting.

(Left Pic - Eileen Borgeson floating on a boogie board off Haena Beach after cruising the bay standing up on a long board)

Speaking of snakes, actually there are no snakes on any of the islands…eels (and wild pigs)…but no snakes.

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands chain and possibly the lushest. Given Gary’s abilities to know the best places in Hawaii to stay, there’s no wonder why he has five places here on the north shores of Kauai.

Any wonder that South Pacific was filmed here also. I thought it had been filmed in Bali. When I saw the ‘Bali Hai’ mountains at Gary and Apolonia’s ‘Haena Beach’ location, it was like a Zen Slap…I really got it.

This mountain range is also the gateway to Jurassic Park and some Indiana Jones adventures.

Eileen Borgeson and I arrived in Kauai in January to start composing our next ‘Brief Magazine’ ad and for Eileen to complete her “Aloha Marilyn Monroe” drawing.

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  1. Suprise!! There is a snake on Kauai. I have seen them on my on my Property that is within a quarter mile of your very nice Bali Hai photo. Here is a youtube link to a film of one:
    and here are some photos: