Monday, June 15, 2009

Marooned on Gilligan’s Island

(Top image Jeff Allen strolling on Moloaa Bay)
(Captain's Quarters - The place to write your novel)
Flashback January 3rd. One of the favorite tourist attractions on Kauai is taking a bus tour and visiting locations where movies like Jurassic Park, the Raiders series, South Pacific and even television shows like Gilligan’s Island were filmed.

Moloaa Bay (bit north of Anahola) is where Gilligan, Mary Ann, Ginger, the professor, the captain and his wife faced the challenging, and mostly comical, prospects of surviving after being shipwrecked on an island (in reality, the not so tiny island of Kauai).

This was also the first stop in Kauai for me and Eileen Borgeson, staying at another one of Gary and Apolonia Stice’s five beachfront locations on Kauai. We came directly here after a short flight from Oahu leaving their Makaha Cabana location where we composed our first ‘Brief’ magazine ad. They designed a three story house and had it built right on Moloaa beach, and while gazing out the third floor balcony you get the impression that you’re on a ship complete with expansive ocean views.

While there, the thought that occurred to me most was what a perfect retreat to settle in to write a novel while sitting on a large wooden rocking chair mesmerized by the sites and sounds of the ever-changing ocean. Of course, herein lies the problem. It’s so easy to become mesmerized, when would you find the time, or incentive, or write?

In spite of the totally immersive and captivating experience we had at this location, we were able to conduct a lot of ‘virtual’ business and happily returned to this location after stays at three other of Gary’s locations. With a bit of sadness we left Kauai but at the same time with enthusiasm to be returning to our former home, the Big Island, and with excitement to begin work with Peter Sieg of Maalea Press in Hilo on ultra high resolution giclee artist’s proofs of Eileen’s ‘Aloha Marilyn Monroe’.

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