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Newsflash on Artist Eileen Borgeson - In Real-Time

I wrote an email to a collector of Eileen’s Erté “Diana” Czech Crystal Vase. It seemed to cover areas that would be interesting to those of you who know Eileen and/or collect her art so I’m posting it here. In the ‘economy of effort’, and being somewhat lazy here in Paradise, I’m posting the email in its entirety (minus the collector’s name of course.)

(Visual - Ad in 2008 Promax/BDA Conference Magazine)

“I hope this email finds you well.

Since we last communicated in Kauai when you acquired "Diana", Eileen and I have made a trip back to our Mendocino coast studio and are now back in Hawaii on the Big Island.

Yesterday I was bringing our extended family/friend, Linda Siegel Kane up-to-date on some of Eileen Borgeson's recent activities and it occurred to me that since you have one of Eileen's most beautiful pieces, you may be interested in what the Artist has been up to.

Gold and Silver "Muse of Creativity" Sculpture
Tomorrow, in NY, at the Promax/BDA 54th annual International Conference and Awards Show (, Promax will be honoring hundreds of companies and individuals with Eileen's Muse statue as their Promax Muse Award. Eileen's Muse is considered the 'Oscar' of the television industry. [Note: One year Eileen's Muse even replaced the Oscar, for the first time, on the cover of R. S. Owens' catalog (attached.) They produce the Oscar©, Emmy, MTV Music and the Country Music Awards as well as Eileen's Muse of Creativity.]

Recipients of the Muse include all the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Turner, CNN, BBC, etc.), cable companies (HBO, Showtime, etc.) satellite (Direct TV, etc.), and the advertising/creative companies that service this industry. The awards are for the best in marketing, promotions and design.

For the last 14 years they have given close to 20,000 of Eileen's sculptures. Besides their major show in NYC these Promax Awards are presented in eight other conferences and award shows in Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Latin America and United Kingdom.

NY Times Article today:

Muse of Hope Bronze
In this Spring/Summer 2009 issue of Kosmos Journal, (an International magazine, sanctioned by the U.N., with their focus on global transformation), a full page visual of Eileen's Muse of Hope sculpture was featured next to the article, "As Our World Re-Shapes Itself". The publisher, Nancy Roof, discovered Eileen's work on the Internet and wanted to share her art with the Kosmos readers. One of Eileen's Muse of Hope bronzes was given to Bob Hope by his family on his 99th birthday. Kosmos also features this Muse on their home page -

Marilyn Monroe Hologram
Eileen has also signed an arrangement with Tom Kelly Jr., son of the Hollywood photographer who took the historic and iconic 'Red Velvet' series of pictures of Marilyn Monroe at 22 in 1949. (One of these pictures of Marilyn launched Playboy Magazine as their first' playmate'.) [Press Releases -,]

Eileen is creating various art editions of this image. Two holographic artist proofs of her Marilyn are currently being reviewed for cover consideration by the Editors-In-Chief of Esquire and Harpers Bazaar. Different visuals of Marilyn and her evolution can be seen on our blog - .

Incidentally, if you'd like to see your Erté Diana image which was carved on a large diameter plate format, Eileen had a one-of-a-kind plate made during the time the vase was made -

Hope you find this interesting and I especially hope "Diana" has become a welcome and inspirational addition to your home.

With Aloha,


Jeff Allen
"The Fine Art of Holography"
E-Art Gallery
808.965.1978 (Hawaii Vacation location)

"If You Want to Predict the future...Invent It!" Dennis Gabor - Nobel Prize Winners for Holography

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