Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two E-Hologram Sculptures created as Pulsed Laser Art and Awards

These large, pulsed laser created holograms of Eileen Borgeson’s bronze “Athena” and “Orbital Muse” are unique holograms with parallax in both the X and Y axis and dimension in the Z axis. What this means is that you can look side-by-side, up-and-down, forward and back-with complete parallax-at the three dimensional images of the sculptures which have been “identically reconstructed as light sculptures” exciting new twist to the ‘limited edition’ concept in Art.

They look exactly like the actual sculptures, catching even the bronze patina on “Athena”, except when you go to grasp them, which viewers invariably try to do, your hand passes right through them.

Ron Olson, at his Laser Reflections laboratory in Las Vegas, created the original holograms from Eileen Borgeson’s sculptures. From those originals, he then created ‘white-light-viewable’, ‘projected image’ holograms (where you see a portion of the image floating in front of the holographic glass plate).

The “Orbital Muse” E-HoloGram was a front page feature article in the Star-Bulletin Newspaper in Honolulu, (by Burl Burlingame, July 3, 2007) So intrigued were they with holography, they plastered ¼ of the page with the photo of the “Orbital Muse“ hologram! (Story entitled: “Holographic sculptures made by a couple on the Big Island are bestowed as awards” (Link to article -

Of the many different types of holograms existing, pulsed laser holograms are truly some of the most impressive and realistic holograms today. They can catch animate objects like people, animals and plants by the ‘pulse’ of the laser. It’s measured in nano-seconds and effectively ‘freezes’ any motion of the subject and enables an ‘un-blurred instant recording ‘of the image.

Some other types of holograms require a ‘vibration-free table or environment’ to capture even solid images. This is accomplished through extended time exposures. This holographic technique also creates holograms of ‘living subjects’ from previously recorded film of digital imagery.

And now, we suggest you keep your eyes open for the very latest innovation in holographic technology…creating large, moving, full-color holograms directly from digital files.

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