Friday, July 3, 2009

Finally…The Future Is Here?

It’s been an interesting ride for me watching how ‘slowly’ holography has evolved, at least from my vantage point. Of course then again, we were replicating flat optical lenses and holographic movies onto plastic almost forty years ago.

Back then, unique concepts of holography’s possibilities and implications-that didn’t surface until decades later-used to be just daily thoughts for me.

In a fairly recent Scientific American Magazine (Aug. 2003) their Cover Story asked: “Are You a Hologram? (Quantum physics says the entire universe might be)”

[My quote from a magazine article on holography in 1977]…“it’s a whole new science of technology with undreamed of potential,” it ventures also into the realm of metaphysics, as you might have gathered. “is the universe a hologram? Am I a hologram?” asks Jeff and does not pause for an answer...

This was over a quarter of a century earlier from the article “The Future is Here: Holography Opens Horizons”, LA Free Press, by Polly Warfield, Oct. 21-27

Again, back then I just asked the questions…though now ‘The Holographic Universe’ concept seems to be the prevailing ‘metaphor’.

Lately there have been some significant breakthroughs in holography’s capability to measure, manipulate, direct, process, store and display information on a quantum level. Holography has the potential to open up new vistas in our ability to interact with each other on this planet and better understand our roles as part of the whole. In Latin, Holography means ‘whole message’.

[Another quote from the LA Free Press article] “While pictures are interpreted symbols, a hologram is a direct, precise means of communication. An infant is born with the ability to read a hologram immediately, while, to the baby, words and pictures are utterly obscure”…muses Jeff Allen.

Our early embossing techniques have evolved to the point where billions and billions of embossed holograms are being produced globally for security and packaging applications.

‘Display’ (which includes interesting and artistic imagery) holography has been the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly…and it’s been taking its own sweet time.

But…with holography’s inherent capability to create interesting, impactive and interactive imagery in multi-dimensions, a new era will eventually be ushered in and in the forefront, holographic communication through print, will be positioned. The stage is set.

[Here's how the LA Free Press article began:]

THE FUTURE is here now, says Jeff Allen, smiling gently in his quiet and rather whimsical way.

The future has sprung full blown from a laser beam, like Minerva, fully grown from the head of Jove. It shimmers like rainbow, beckons like the horizon. You can see it in a hologram……..

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