Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Honoring Hawaii Governor George Ariyoshi with Eileen’s JUSTSAP Space Exploration Pioneer Award

(pic - Jeff Allen, Eileen Borgeson and Governor George Ariyoshi)

For the past three years, the JUSTSAP organization (Japan – U. S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program) and its members have been honored with three separate sculptures by Eileen Borgeson presented as ‘the Space Exploration Awards’.

Debuting in 2006, Eileen’s ‘Space Exploration Award’ was presented as a recognition piece for the entire organization. The award featured the ‘Orbital Muse’ sculpture.

Earlier that year, The ‘Orbital Muse’ had been introduced as the ‘Dennis Tito Award’ honoring the first private space explorers who trained as astronauts and paid to visit the International Space Station. The ‘Orbital Muse’ was positioned on top of an assemblage of three other sculptures by Eileen. Three Dennis Tito Awards were given out by the National Space Society and the Space Tourist Society at the SDC06 awards show and Eileen and I got to surprise Dennis Tito on stage and present him with his own award.

The ‘Orbital Muses’ of awards were supplied and sponsored by Saxton Industries.

In 2007, Eileen and I had the honor of personally presenting the second JUSTSAP Space Exploration award to former Hawaii Governor, George Ariyoshi. This was entitled the Space Exploration Pioneer Award and was Eileen’s ‘Pele’s Gift’. Greg Henkel sandblasted the Hawaii islands into the crystal earth Pele’s golden flames were holding. Greg of Stoneface sand blasted the plaque as well. The Koa wood award base was made by Big Island’s master woodworker Jonathan Mathew.

George Ariyoshi is considered to be the most beloved of all Hawaii’s Governors, which is probably why they changed the rules to allow him to have a third term. When we researched George for our presentation speech we discovered many wonderful contributions he offered in his position. We talked to him after the presentation and found him to be very engaging and as endearing as everyone had said he’d be.

The award reads:

The Space Exploration Pioneer Award
Presented to The Honorable George R. Ariyoshi

In recognition of his sustained and distinguished contribution promoting International Collaboration in Space Exploration.
Japan and U. S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program
November 12, 2007

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