Saturday, August 1, 2009

E-HoloCards – Spectral Analysis at It’s Best.

E-Holograms utilize light to display the visual magic of Eileen Borgeson’s artistry and my holography experience and knowledge in accessing various holographic techniques to create our mixed-media E-HoloCards.

The holographic substrates themselves are optical recordings (no dyes or pigments) which use the same light that illuminates them to reconstruct optically recorded imagery or kinetic effects. E-Holograms have been programmed to create 3-D solid or moving imagery, kinetic rainbow explosions or both. Many E-HoloCards have also been physically embossed with old-world craftsmanship & precision and traditionally printed with images, designs and lettering.

Each different light source, whether incandescent, neon, fluorescent, mercury arc or the sun, emits a different spectrum (frequency) of light, thus they each create a different ‘look’ on each E-Hologram.

If you look at a light source through a pair of holographic novelty ‘rainbow’ glasses you’ll be able to see the visual spectrum produced by each specific light source. This is sometimes referred to as spectral analysis. By analyzing the colors of the light that passes through a holographic (diffraction) grating you can determine which frequencies the light is composed of. Spectral analysis is also the technique used by astronomers to measure the size, age and composition of the outer and inner universe.

Every light environment, whether outside in nature or inside will also affect how the holographic image appears to the viewer. Even ambient light can create beautiful colors with the brilliance of dichroic glass and even nature’s opals. Even different viewers in the same room can be looking at the same hologram and see an entirely different image.

Shown here is the same E-HoloCard we used for two different occasions. This was an E-Hologram prototype which utilizes selected holographic substrates to incorporated with Eileen’s imagery.

The first use was a congratulations card we emailed to Eileen’s granddaughter, Ava Wallen congratulating her on her gymnastics achievement of making it to California State Finals. The second use was an E-Card we sent via email to our bestest of friends, Linda Siegel-Kane. We had digitally shot the card before it was sent to Ava so we later just Paint Brushed Pro-ed the personalization into the digital file. Notice how different the visuals look. They’re the same card just a different lighting situation.

Eileen’s basic image outline of each card creates the same theme but the overall artistic expression and impression of each E-HoloCard changes in different lights, environments and viewing angles.

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