Monday, August 17, 2009

Houston Hotties sent by Mission Control to Dolphin Encounter in Alohaland

(Pics: top - Eileen Borgeson, Patty & Becky Busmire and Jeff Allen; middle - Drew Busmire, Josh Withers, Eileen and Becky; bottom - Patty and Kim Peeples)

Chance meetings are sometimes the most memorable. Eileen Borgeson and I had just landed at the Point House on Kealakekua Bay. While checking out the terrain we encountered other visitors in this strange yet bewitching piece of paradise.

There they were sharing the same vista of the ocean with the sacred Hawaiian Heiau on our right and Captain Cook monument directly across the bay.

There’s always something so special about a close family on vacation. They’re sharing new experiences and playing like a pod of Dolphins.

Speaking of Dolphins, Eileen was put on Dolphin alert to call the Houston Hotties (Kim Peeples, sister Patty Busmire and a ‘much to bright for her age’ daughter Becky – who’s much prettier when she smiles) if she saw any Dolphins. Luckily, our friend Gary Stice’s Point House is closest to where the Dolphins swim and offers a perfect ‘crows nest’ for viewing.

Well, as if on cue, Eileen spotted Dolphins playing in the bay at 6:30AM. After a quick call to Patty, Eileen swam to a location where the Dolphins could swim up to her if they chose… which they did.

Eileen’s Experience “I was off to the side of the other swimmers and found myself almost constantly surrounded by the over 30 Dolphins that were with us in the Bay for nearly an hour…several pods were cavorting above and below the surface, leaping, spinning on top and two ‘teenage Dolphins” were below me flipping the leaves I had brought them and acting very clownish. One whooshed by me so close it almost touched my cheek…I nearly kissed a Dolphin! My best ever encounter in Kealakekua Bay”.

Shortly after Eileen’s call to Patty, the Houston Hotties arrived ready to see if they too would be greeted by the Dolphins.

Kim (now a Hawaii resident for 11 years) opted for shore duty and Patty and Becky plus me in tow climbed over some rocks and sailed (actually swam) off to Dolphinland.

Our expectations for success were high since Pattie had paved the way eight years earlier with her first visit with the Dolphins. (Becky was unable to attend at that time due to a commitment to higher education that has since forged her character even to this day.)

Well another accomplishment for Houston Mission Control. The Houston Hotties were well received by the Dolphins and that special epiphany happened when two species meet on friendly and even playful terms.

Later more of the Houston Hotties clan showed up and we were able to share the vistas of Gary's Point House with Patty's son Drew Busmire and his friend Josh Withers before they took off to college for their commitment to higher education.

More about the Houston Hotties in episodes to come…

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