Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please Don’t Feed the Flowers

Living in Paradise doesn’t mean there aren’t any challenges and oddities.

I wake up in the morning still faced with myself and that same nagging question…“What do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

After some reflection, I realize I might as well continue to fully live in this present moment ‘til I figure it out.

So today I got up and walked over (two driveways away) to Kalani to swim, sauna and soak in the hot tubs. Eileen Borgeson biked over later and joined me.

I start the jaunt midway on the three acres that we’re living on which is lined with many different varieties of trees, including coconuts, mango and papaya…all, except the papaya, about 40 feet tall for some odd reason. Along the way, I pass the crazy fruit tree section: noni (think the smells and taste of really dirty gym socks-a fruit that possibly cures anything and everything), breadfruit (think super glue that’s good for you and can taste like potatoes or pudding) and jackfruit (think juicy fruit gum, gooey latex, a mango/banana flavor with seeds that when steamed or roasted taste like some exotic nut.)

A short stroll along the tree canopied road bordered on the makai side by the waves crashing on the lava cliffs and then I start walking on the beautifully landscaped grounds up to the pool. Kalani is situated on 120 acres of grounds which Richard (the delightful owner whom I just met) has been evolving since the late seventies into a retreat he shares with many while respecting and preserving that land’s ancient and sacred Hawaiian history.

A few hours later after my meditative and ‘spa’ experience I’m back at our Puna Kalapana Retreat…and now back to Please Don’t Feed the Flowers…

I’m looking at a scattered selection of sublimely exquisite plants and their flowers…some, look they must have been designed by Dr. Seuss himself. Most of the flowers are beyond verbal description so you just have to see them yourself (above.)

In one picture my Son Chris’ ‘spider orchids from Mars’ have encountered an as- yet-unknown-to-me ‘pink woven something’ with delicate purple flowers growing from its side. And in the other visual there is a banana flower who was about to eat a pink perfection hibiscus when she was politely reminded of our ‘Please Don’t Feed (or feed on) the Flowers’ rule here…later they became new ‘best friends’ (even without a workshop.)

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