Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eileen Borgeson’s Lumiére – 3D’s “Oscar”?

[Visuals: Eileen Borgeson with Jim Chabin collaborating on the original Lumiere sculpture. Original Lumiere (somewhat damaged in mold making) and the Gold Lumiere award manufactured at R. S. Owens (Oscars, Emmys, MTV awards.)]

3D is having a renaissance in the 21st Century. Thousands of theaters are being retrofitted with digital equipment offering the capability to create immersive live and recorded experiences. Starting this year, all the future movies produced by DreamWorks will be in 3D…most of the new flat screen TV sets are incorporating the hardware to display 3D programming… and computer gaming consoles are increasingly offering their interactive adventures in immersive 3D.

This industry has been growing for over a hundred years now and it deserves some recognition.

Eileen Borgeson has been brainstorming with Jim Chabin for many months now in a stealth capacity creating one of her ‘”signature’ sculptures as the award for this industry.

Jim Chabin has served as CEO for several organizations including the Emmy’s and Promax/BDA. Both have presented prestigious awards to ‘peer recognized’ recipients. Together with Jim’s creative vision, Eileen Borgeson sculpted and ‘birthed’ the Promax ‘Muse of Creativity’ award which was first launched in 1995 in Washington DC with 100 awards.

The Promax Muse Award is now a global icon for the television industry. BBC has referred to it as ‘television’s Oscar’. Awards are given out globally in eight different awards shows annually. Every award has multiple winners (sometimes up to 15) which now total into the tens of thousands with nearly 20,000 physical Muse awards created and given. Jim later spawned the ‘MI6’ organization for the interactive computer gaming community and Eileen’s Muse was chosen for their award also.

Throughout her career, Eileen’s art has been presented as awards and recognition pieces. In addition to the television and computer gaming industries, her award sculptures have also become icons for the entire space exploration industry and numerous art pieces of hers have been used for celebrity recognition and birthday pieces.

Last November, Jim’s organization, ‘Chabin Partners’, collaborated with the Singapore government to produce ‘3DX’, the first major international 3D film festival event to date which featured 3D ‘luminaries’ such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron.

Jim’s newest exciting endeavor is the ‘International 3D Society’ which was formed to service the 3D industry and to recognize the pioneers and artists in this industry as it continues its international rapid growth.

Jim and Eileen’s past collaboration has successfully produced one of the most successful media awards of all time for it prestige and sheer number of recipients. With 3D rapidly becoming the entertainment choice of the future (at least until Holography finally plays its hand), the Lumiére could very well become the ‘Oscar’ for the entire international 3D industry.

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