Friday, September 11, 2009

Members of the X Prize ‘Vision Circle’ were gifted with Jewelry Pins by Eileen Borgeson honoring them for their generous support

[Visuals - Vision Circle Pin and Larry Page wearing his Vision Circle Pin with friend Robin Williams at Google Gala]

The members of the X Prize Foundation's 'Vision Circle' share Peter Diamandis vision of ‘Revolution through Competition’ to benefit humanity.

This month (October 2009) the X Prize Foundation is featured on the cover of WIRED UK magazine with the feature article “SAVE THE WORLD. WIN A PRIZE”

Time warp to 2007 - Eileen Borgeson was approached by the X Prize with a very special request. Create a jewelry art pin they could ‘gift’ their Vision Circle members that would be worthy of each of their $2,500,000 contribution towards the X Prize foundation’s $50,000,000 campaign for future prizes embracing space, education, poverty and the environment.

Eileen was given a very short window to create this exquisite piece. She developed many different design concepts which were first reviewed by the management of the X Prize Foundation with founder, Peter Diamandis, making the final selection. (One of Eileen’s ‘design finals’ was later made into a holographic cover for A & E magazine as well as an E- Holocard with the angel-like images surrounding a holographic earth). Eileen’s mission was to physically create these pins to be delivered in time for their event three weeks away.

Eileen, in conjunction with jewelry artist, Allan Baird and his expert knowledge of 3D CAD programs and with his Rapid Prototyping machine, were able to complete the finishing, polishing and last detailing of the Vision Circle Pins while the patient Fed Ex driver waited. It’s amazing how the Universe works! They arrived next day (March 3, 2007) at the Googleplex location in the nick of time for the ‘Radical Benefit for Humanity’ gala hosted by Larry Page. The event successfully raised $2,700,000 for the X Prize Foundation. Eileen’s Argentinium silver ‘Vision Circle’ pins were also presented to honor the seven founding ‘Vision Circle’ members.

Now the Vision Circle Member’s number has risen to 10 with some of most successful entrepreneurs and pioneers of the computer, Internet and space travel evolution as supporters: including, the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and the original sponsors of the $10,000,000 X Prize, Anousheh and Amir Ansari. Note: Anousheh had previously received Eileen’s Space Ambassador ‘sub-surface laser crystal’ Orbital Muse Award given to her by Peter Diamandis and Alan Hale (co-discoverer of Hale-Bobb Comet) at the X-Cup event in New Mexico.

The other members are Anner Wojcicki (with Sergey Brin), The William James Foundation, Eric Schmidt, Gil & Elyssa Elbaz, Rey Sidney, John Templeton Foundation, Bita Daryabari and Dr. Stewart & Marilyn Blusson.

Eileen also enlisted some of her friends and local talent here on the Big Island in Hawaii to create the native Hawaiian Koa wood presentation boxes. Master woodworker (and computer artist) Frank “Big Kahuna” Chase came to the last minute aid creating ten tiny elegant and precision-made Koa wood boxes. Mark and Karen Stebbins then laser ‘burned’ the X Prize Logo into the lids (each individually numbered #1 through #10) which they then inlaid with Abalone. The finishing touch was the black satin velvet cushions to rest each pin.

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