Sunday, January 31, 2010

Honeymoon, New Beginnings and Interruptive Technologies

Everything happens in Paradise. Remember the television show Fantasy Island...well its premise was true. Eileen and I just spent a magical week in December with two great spirits from the mainland, John and Cheryl Dalton, who joined us here in Hawaii.

John and Cheryl had just recently married and decided the first trip to Hawaii for them both should also include their Honeymoon.

John and I had previously done ‘virtual’ business together in the fields of energy (my families’ coal property in Utah) and entertainment, introducing my HoloZone (holodeck-like) Experience/Complex to theme parks and Dubai, but we had never met. So what better to place to meet than in a real Hawaiian 'HoloDeck', which is what the experience and change of surroundings we were about to embark on was to seem like.

John and Cheryl spent a couple of days on Oahu before ‘teleporting (through Hawaii Airlines’ to the Big Island where Eileen and I met them at the airport. We then transported (via automobile) to our first journey together, where else? But Vacationland.

Our habitat was very unusual for Hawaii. Alaska big block construction (built by Alaskans) with an eclectic interior of attractive furnishings with each room painted in a different ‘hue’ of subtle turquoise and lavender colors. Pleasant shifts of mood seem to occur in each colored room.

The first day was spent with a swim in tide pools, and an exploration on the Kalapana-Kapoho ‘Red’ Road. Black lava cliffs with huge breaking waves, volcano heated ‘warm pond’, Kalapona surfers, Kalani retreat, Kahana Beach ‘Sunday crowd’ and a walk to the black lava walk to see the lave route as in flows to the ocean. We were now at the end of the road, Uncle Roberts…a legion of these parts and in the Hawaii Kingdom. The road ends here because of Pele’s volcanic action in 1982 which spared Uncle Roberts. His house and property became ‘Hana’ and refuge for many of the individuals who lost homes in this area when they most needed it.

Pele’s been active since and still, active only a few miles away, sending steam plumes in the air where she pores herself into the sea.

The next day we departed along the south way stopping at the Volcano National Park at the lodge poised over the crater. Misty fog covered the volcano crater but its size and previous activities were evidenced by the found throughout the now Christmas Decorated lodge warmed by a fire (not Pele’s) in the rock fireplace that’s made the Guinness Book of World Records for continual flaming.

Later that day we arrived at the next part of our journey at our friends Gary and Apple Stice’s Dolphin Retreat on Kealakekua Bay, several doors down from his Point House. The smiles on John and Cheryl’ showed that this location was about to add to our magical mystery tour. The honeymooners stayed on the upper half of the house and Eileen and I nested into the downstairs apt. Luckily there were two kitchens which came in handy for our upcoming ‘Orphans’ Thanksgiving Dinner we about to have in a couple of days. [Note: a ‘Orphans’ Thanksgiving Dinner is when you have a traditional Thanksgivings dinner with your non-traditional family (family by default) on is held on any day other than Thanksgiving].

The next week was about ‘just being’ here. Kealakekua has so much beauty and so much history it’s important to relax and absorb the magical energy and Hawaiian feelings that permeate the area. The Dolphin Retreat has a wonderful lawn with a short rock wall separating it from the ocean.

Easy entrance to the ocean was just a short walk away. One day I walked it and swam and walked back to the awaiting jacuzzi at 103 degrees in just 11 minutes. On the last day Eileen and I joined 18 playful Dolphins for a morning swim.

John and Cheryl took some daily trips up to Kailua for some to explore the island on their own.

Throughout the experience John and I would take brief moments to discuss possible business scenarios involve my knowledge, experience and positioning in Holography. Holography being an immerging technology which we’re still inventing offers a ‘gold mine’ of ‘killer applications’ that are finally being realized or hopefully being discovered. Many are destined to become ‘interruptive technologies’ and really change the landscape of business, lifestyle and the future.

We discuss many aspects of potential directions and felt Solar Energy, Brand Recognition/Security and the HoloZone (HoloDeck) applications are probably the most needed at this point.

Our Orphans Thanksgiving Dinner was very special with 11 attending. Besides John, Cheryl, Eileen and I, we were joined by neighbors and Mendocino friends: Willa Martin (prolific artist and amazing women), David Carlin (one of the best Netsuke artists and total character), John and Lilly (new friends here from Gualala for Lilly’s jewelry show) and Jon Lomberg (Carl Segan’s friend/illustrator, Emmy award winner for PBS Cosmos and visual consultant for Jody Foster’s Contact movie.) [Note: we had previously collaborated with Lomberg on the historic ISDC06 Poster (launch of Space Tourism). John’s ‘Portrait of the Milky Way’ (now at the Smithsonian) was the background for our Dennis Tito and holographic crystal Orbit Awards.]

A trip back to Hilo via the north road of the island where John and Cheryl were teleported back to Oahu for their return trip to Houston.

This may not have seemed like a HoloDeck-like experience you would have in mind but the unusual and special sites of Hawaii and the sharing of the Aloha feeling creates an experience that you’d want to program into a HoloDeck and experience over and over again.