Thursday, February 25, 2010

Avatar wins 5 I3DS Lumiere Awards by Eileen Borgeson

(Visuals of Brendan Fraser on stage with Lumiere Award and Brendan with World Renown Violinist, Tony Selvage)
International 3D Society's Lumiere Awards by Eileen Borgeson honored the best in the 3D Cinema Community Tuesday night in Hollywood.

The winners were (including the two People's Choice Awards:)

Live Action 3D Feature: “Avatar”
Animated 3D Feature: “Up”
3D Talent: Brendan Fraser, “Journey to the Center of the Earth”
Best 3D Character: Neytiri in “Avatar”
3D Vision Award: Jeffrey Katzenberg and DreamWorks SKG “
Best 3D Scene: “Avatar” and Jake Sully for “First Flight”
People’s Choice Award, Live Action 3D: “Avatar”

People’s Choice Award, Animation: “Coraline”
3D Stereography, Live Action: “Avatar”
3D Stereography, Animation: “Coraline”
3D Visual Effects: “Avatar”
Marketing 3D Content: “Avatar”
Short 3D Motion Picture/Narrative: “Partly Cloudy”
3D Documentary: Imax’s “Under the Sea 3D”
2D to 3D Conversion: “G-Force”

We weren't able to attend (still in Hawaii) but we were well represented by our friend Tony Selvage who went to the awards event and party. We're sure Tony became one of the 'default' celebrities of the evening. Cigars with Brendan, etc.

Thought we'd share some visuals of the event provided by Tony.

Past blog on the award:

More on the event and Lumiere later.