Thursday, April 1, 2010

Avatar Won I3DS Lumiere Awards Created by Sculptor Eileen Borgeson and Oscar Manufacturer R. S. Owens

Visual: Eileen Borgeson with her Lumiere Sculpture the day of the awards show.

At the Inaugural Lumiere Awards show in Hollywood, the International 3D Society recently honored Avatar, Up, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Brendan Fraser. Renowned Artist, Eileen Borgeson, designed and sculpted the awards which were created by R. S. Owens, manufacturer of the Oscars.

R. S. Owens ( manufacturer of prestigious awards like the Oscars and Emmys has teamed again with renowned Artist/Sculptor Eileen Borgeson ( to create another classy industry award…this time, for the International 3D Society (I3DS). Eileen is the creator of Iconic Fine Art awards for the Entertainment Industry including the Promax ‘Muse’.

The I3DS Lumiere Awards honored the best in 3D during the ceremony at Mann’s Chinese Theater. Avatar took home 6 Lumiere Awards. Other winners included: for Movies…Up, Coraline, Partly Cloudy and Under The Sea 3D. Studios also receiving awards : Lightstorm Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures, Pixar, Sony Picture Imageworks, Focus Features and Warner Bros. Special Awards went to Brendan Fraser and Jeffrey Katzenberg. The I3DS Lumiere Award winners were peer-voted by the ‘creatives and professionals’ in the 3D entertainment community.

The Lumiere project began over a year ago, with Hawaii artist, Eileen Borgeson flying from Hollywood to meet with Jim Chabin (President of I3DS and former President of both the Emmys and PromaxBDA). Together they shared their visions and developed a sculpture destined to become ‘the Award of all Awards’ for the emerging 3D Industry.

Some visions for their Lumiere:
1. She’d stand on her own merit as a fine art sculpture,
2. A classic beauty to compliment the Oscar as she graced his side in trophy collections,
3. to someday earn the prestige and respect of the Oscar, and
4. to obtain the global iconic success of PromaxBDA’s ‘Muse of Creativity’ Awards.

Borgeson and Chabin brainstormed over a week creating concepts and drawings until one ‘clicked’. In Eileen’s capable hands, the sculpture took shape. After a hundred hours or so of detailing, sanding and fine tuning, the Lumiere sculpture was born.

Eileen and Jim’s first collaboration resulted in the original Promax Gold and Silver ‘Muses of Creativity.’ Their joint efforts again created the: The Brandon Tarticoff Award-hand shaped, cut crystal, and the ‘Rocket to Stardom’ Awards-blown glass and metal.

Scott Siegel, owner of R. S. Owens, was brought into the Lumiere project by Eileen and his company created the first Lumiere Artist’s Proofs, just as had been done with the Promax ‘Muse’ Awards. His company is known internationally for it’s precision quality and unequaled performance in the producing the best in the industry.
The artistic proofs gave Eileen the rare opportunity to see Lumiere as a finished piece, complete with 24K gold ‘dipped’ finish, prior to the final mold making and production. She then fine tuned her original sculpture to make it more compatible with the seven part ‘mass production’ metal mold to guarantee consistent fine art quality. A golden disc was added beneath her foot to ensure the proper slant of the Lumiere in her ‘launch’ mode.

Chabin and I3DS’ goal to have the awards show before the Oscars was an incredible logistical challenge since the green light for the show and awards production happened only weeks before the event itself. At that point, Eileen and R. S. Owens immediately sprang into action and with Eileen working directly with Sandra Thomas(Custom Awards), Mark Psaros (Head of Operations) and Jorge (Head of Production), the seven part mold was made, production done, sculptures polished and the 24K Gold plated…shipped to arrive the day of the event!

In this endeavor, the R. S. Owens team broke all previous time records in its 65 year history for a mold creation and sculpture production, a feat they’d prefer never to repeat.

While all this was happening, Jim Chabin had the daunting task of organizing the I3DS as well as the awards show to evolve and recognize the 3D industry and 3D’s ability to immerse the audience into the story. 3D is rapidly becoming the entertainment of choice. Avatar has already demonstrated this by becoming the most financially successful movie of all time with Disney’s 3D Alice in Wonderland already following suit.

Through everyone’s combined efforts, a success was created so the 3D Entertainment Industry could be honored with the I3DS Lumiere awards… and finally be recognized on the level it deserves. The resulting award show video can be seen on the I3DS website. (