Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mendocino Meanderings & John Lennon “Baby Grand” by Eileen Borgeson

Pics: John Lennon’s “Baby Grand” with new frame with Eileen Borgeson, John Lennon’s “Baby Grand” by Eileen Borgeson

When you finally find paradise remember to bring it with you when you travel. Luckily in our Mainland Mania Maya there’s Marin, Mendocino, Friends and Family which are their own forms of Paradise and has offered our latest voyage its own flavor.

For the last few of months we’ve been entirely focused on re-locating’ our vast, accumulated collection of holograms and Eileen Borgeson’s art from our Mendocino studio to Marin with stays at our friends, Willa Martin’s hide-a-way (vacation rental) house on a ridge overlooking Mill Valley and Mark Becker’s glass cliff house on the same ridge looking the other way with a spectacular view of the San Francisco bay. Both homes are art pieces themselves adorned with their owner’s own art and lifestyle.

Immersion into water (swimming), my new religion, is an act which is faithfully fulfilled every day possible in the Gualala River which borders Sonoma and Mendocino Counties at a fork where two streams combine. The temperature is the same as the cold shower at the warm pond in Puna, Hawaii. Refreshing! But the swim becomes short lived, though the steam warmed up in late summer.

Though the ‘move’ requires a lot of our energy there is still time to pursue our passions.

One of Eileen Borgeson’s latest projects was framing John Lennon’s Baby Grand deep carved in crystal art pieces from her private collection to be given as a gift to a friend’s ‘earth angel’ for an addition to his collection of Eileen’s art. The piece is over 18 years old. It took two weeks for Eileen to create the ‘perfect’ frame for the piece. She enlisted the help of master woodworker Mark at the Gualala Joinery next door to our studio to create the natural wood elegant frame study enough to hold the somewhat heavy piece of crystal. Eileen’s personally gold leafed the inside border of the frame with 23K gold to accent the 23K gold with fills the carved in glass canyons carved from the lines of John’s simplistic style and ‘stroke’. The end result was a ‘museum quality’ piece which tributes both John’s genius in art and well as music.

Hawaii calls everyday though it appears early November is the portal for my next immersion into the islands.