Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back To The Future - Holographic Experience


Images: Father and son watching three 120 degree (Lloyd) Cross Holograms on a 360 degree Multiplex display and John Perry's Large Format T Rex Hologram. View of the Sunset outside our Holographic Experience building. Movie of Jason Sapan's Multiplex Motion Hologram of Eileen Borgeson.

Last night was the third day of Desert Empire's Jeff Allen's '21st Century Magic' Holographic Experience. I'm still amazed and pleased that the reactions to the holograms have been at least as great as they were 18 years ago when I produced the first holographic experience for them. People just went wild and still couldn't believe what they were seeing. This experience has shown me that the opportunity for a major launch of display holography is primed.

Just as 3D is getting a 'second wind' for movies, Holography, the Holy Grail of 3D, will find an awaiting audience just as interested and excited.

Blending Eleen's Borgeson's Fine Art into the Holographic Environment added a sophistication and style to the 'mood' of the event.

The area the Holographic Experience was in was mostly illuminated by the holograms themselves. The Holographic Experience itself was 'solid state' except for the motorized 360 Multiplex display.

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