Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jaws Meets Jurassic at the Desert Empire Holographic Experience

Three of the holograms at the Back to the Future Holographic Experience

Innocent bystanders will have a 3D life-sized holographic shark lunge towards them as they venture through Jeff Allen’s “21st Century Magic” Experience provided at this year’s Desert Empire Fair’s Holographic Entertainment and Educational Experience in Ridgecrest opening October 21st. As the survivors venture forward they encounter a holographic T-Rex projecting his head through a wooden barrier. Luckily, the shark and dinosaur are both holographic and everyone will emerge unscathed to enjoy other futuristic experiences. Time travel “Back to the Future” to witness historic holograms, journey to the future of holographic art and enjoy all of the other activities this year’s Desert Empire Fair has to offer.

Other attractions from Jeff Allen’s “21st Century Magic” holographic experience will include:
1. The Birth and Evolution of Embossed Holography – “The Guttenberg Press of the Future”,
2. A Special ‘Rainbow Hologram’ Tribute to “Steve Benton” - Holography Pioneer and Visionary,
3. Holography Legend, “Lloyd Cross’s Multiplex Holography” – 3-D Motion Holograms - Fusing Holography with Film, Video and Digital,
4. A Journey into pre-21st Century Holography – “Back…To The Future”
5. “21st Century E-Holograms” The Fine Art of Holography by Eileen Borgeson, and
6. Exploring Einstein’s Holographic Universe of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Also, for the first time ever, both the laser illuminated “David” and white-light-viewable “David” embossed hologram prototypes will be available for the public to visually experience.

These historically significant ‘one-of-a-kind’ “David” holograms (holographic images of a bust replica of Michelangelo’s ‘David’ sculpture) were physically embossed on clear plastic by Jeff Allen over 35 years ago at two crucial breakthrough stages and were integral parts of the embossing process developed with his partner (and the process’ inventor) Mike Foster, during this period. Embossed holography has since produced trillions of embossed holograms like those seen on credit cards, National Geographic Covers, driver’s licenses, jewelry, books, greeting cards and ‘kinetic’ packaging applications.

Embossed holography could very well be the ‘Guttenberg Press’ of the 21st Century capable of mass producing (without lasers) holograms. The Guttenberg Press was considered by many the highest technical achievement of the last millennium (one thousand years) because it mass produced the written word and enabled the first mass communication. Already, embossed holography annually produces billions of holograms made and distributed throughout the world.

Almost two decades ago, Jeff Allen created another Holographic Experience ago for the Desert Empire Fair. At that time fair-goers got a ‘sneak-preview’ into 3D TV and Computer Animation. Eighteen years later, 2010, 3D Television has been commercially launched following the 3D movie craze which started in 2009 with James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D. Eileen Borgeson, the featured artist for this Holographic Experience, created the inaugural Lumiere Awards, which were presented at the Mann’s Chinese Theatre by the International 3D Society last Spring, with four awards honoring Avatar. Two of Eileen's other awards, the Orbital Muse and Athena, will be shown in holographic form.

This year, attendees under 19 years old will have their first chance to ‘re-visit’ some of the holograms seen by their parents in 1992. Besides the historic holograms from the previous show, viewers will be treated to some of the latest in technological holographic advances that will be part of this “Back To The Future” Holographic Experience.

These Experiences are created to entertain, educate and engage everyone at every age. There will also be ‘larger that life characters’ from “Alice in Wonderland” with an area for the kids of all ages to venture into.

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