Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Leap of Faith” Crystal Luminaires By Eileen Borgeson and Butch Young Sculptured by Hand

[Visuals- Eileen Borgeson's and Butch Young's "Leap of Faith" Luminaires.]
Bringing in excellence once again, the two experienced and strong talents of Eileen Borgeson and Butch Young have come together, this time to create a delicately carved and aggressively sculpted image designed by Eileen and carved by Butch entitled, ‘Leap of Faith’. Inspired by Eileen’s sculpture, ‘Lumiere’ that she created as the ‘Oscar’ for the International 3D Society (of which ‘Avatar’ received 5 award sculptures last year), ‘Leap of Faith’ is made of the finest quality German optical crystal. The futuristic yet classic feminine image is captured in light ascending from the base of Butch’s rough hewn sculpted forms.

Whenever the two of them get together to create it’s always ‘Museum quality’ that results. Their 25 year collaborations have resulted in works for museums, airports, casinos, private homes and galleries in N.Y., S.F. and Beverly Hills which include images created for Erte, the John Lennon Estate, R.C. Gorman and numerous other international artists.

They are both perfectionists, Eileen thinking in mixed media, designing and translating her detailed images into many different sculptural mediums and Butch, the teacher and focused master, who spends hour upon hour on just a torso or wing getting just the right sculpted shape and depth. Only the finest glass and crystal combined with state of the art illumination and base materials will satisfy these two.

‘Leap of Faith’ is a “Sneak Preview” of a limited edition series soon to be released. As each piece is personally sculpted by hand, no two will be exactly alike, keeping each image a unique original.

To view works or contact Eileen Borgeson and Butch Young:

Eileen: - 707-367-9051

Butch: . - 805-286-7575

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