Saturday, April 9, 2011

Virtual and Live Entertainers to share Stage in Turnkey, Portable, Scalable HoloZone, by Jeff Allen

[Visuals: Jeff Allen and Eileen Borgeson 'brainstorming' at Gary Stice's Point House in Kealakekua Bay with Captain Cook's Monument in background and Jeff Allen’s HoloTheater Complex Concept and Floorplan]

Each new project is its own adventure into creative manifestation. Since December, while on the Mainland, I’ve been working with Rudy Esquivel, of G&R Entertainment since he approached me to design a HoloZone possible of ‘projecting’ a virtual entertainer onto a stage with live musicians.

Rudy and his brother, comedian Gilbert Esquivel, have been pioneering ‘comedy with live music’ events for a while now. Wanting a ‘creative edge’, we discussed the evolution of his concept to include Holographic and Holographic-Hybrid Experiences with live entertainment and comedy to offer into the entertainment industry.

From my involvement in holographic R&D laboratories as well as producing holographic shows experienced by millions across the US and into Canada, I have distilled a wealth of knowledge and imaging techniques (holographic, 3D, CGI) on how to create immersive and interactive environments. From Comdex parties at Caesars’ Palace to Warner Bros. back lot parties, to State and County Fairs I’ve offered the ‘HoloZone’ experience to a whole spectrum of individuals and age groups.

Now I’m back in Hawai’i and currently at my favorite place for inspiration, Gary Stice’s Point House in Kealakekua Bay. Several breakthroughs occurred last night with a ‘brainstorming session’ with Eileen Borgeson about HoloZone launch strategies, dealing with types of HoloExperiences and HoloAvatars to create for Entertainment performances and methods to approach global markets from the start. When you’re at one of the most beautiful places on the planet…you tend to think on a global scale.

This creative ‘brainstorming’ influenced our perspective on the types of HoloExperiences that could be offered with ‘Rudy’s’ HoloZone-Hybrid model, ‘VLS’. Working ‘virtually’ with Rudy through the phone and Internet, we continue to massage our plans, define our goals and are moving forward with them.

Under strict confidential arrangements, preparations are being made to start building a HoloZone for stage applications, targeting this Summer to begin producing the custom performances. The HoloExperiences themselves are now being story-boarded, scripted and the ‘imaging capturing’ studio sessions are being scheduled.

This HoloZone-Hybrid VLS will enable a true 21st Century HoloExperience in ‘post-terrestrial’ in multi-dimensional perspectives...a ‘Live’, engaging experience beyond today’s 3D television and theater offerings. Our initial focus will be fusing ‘virtual’ entertainers with ‘live’ entertainers for stage performances.

With the advent of faster computational power, higher resolution imaging, sophisticated optical arrays, new breakthroughs in digital holographics combined with ‘tweaked’ existing holographic techniques, we are getting closer to the ‘proverbial’ Holodeck experience shown in Star Trek Television and movie episodes.

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