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Jeff Allen and Eileen Borgeson Team to Produce E-HoloMasters for Brand Recognition & Authenticity

[Visuals descriptions: E-Holograms: Eileen Borgeson’s Holographic A&E Magazine Cover, Holographic Hangtag with overt and covert security features by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen and Eileen Borgeson’s Asteroid E-Hologram Card.]

Past Articles/Press Releases 'Revisited'

Jan 31, 2010 – “If you want to predict the future…invent it.” - Dennis Gabor – Nobel Prize winner in Physics for the invention of Holography.

Holographer pioneer Jeff Allen and world-renown artist Eileen Borgeson announce a Teaming Arrangement that will bring a new generation of mass-produced Holographic Optical ‘Read-Only’ Memory Chips (E-HoloChips). These E-HoloChips will offer both overt and covert security features to the high growth security and brand identification industry through the creation of E-HoloMasters.

This ‘Art and Technology’ collaboration results from the merge of the seasoned experience and expertise of holographer Jeff Allen ( and artist Eileen Borgeson ( to offer hybrid holograms that bridge the gap between commercial display and security holography and create a formidable presence in these rapidly growing markets.

For almost forty years Jeff Allen has been active in pioneering optical holography beginning with his involvement in the invention and the obtaining of basic patents on the color correction for diffractive optics as well as an historic breakthrough which produced the world’s first successful high efficiency white-light viewable replicated holograms on plastic with both static and moving imagery.

More recently Allen was involved with the development and marketing of a patented holographic technique covering the optical geometry to mass produce instant composite holographic imagery which initially included biometrics, or the visual identification & recognition for ID Card/Smart Card holders.

Eileen Borgeson is an artist’s artist and has been creating classic artistry her entire life. More recently, she has translated her art/sculptures into seven different types of holograms. She draws from her vast fine art experience working in an extensive array of mediums and continues to demonstrate proven artistic abilities in creating recognizable imagery and icons for branding. Just a few of the companies that have utilized her ‘fine art branding’ capacities are: Warner Bros., Disney, Fox, Universal and Sony.

For more than a decade Borgeson has been involved in creating many different E-HoloGrams working together with various holography companies and holographers incorporating such holographic techniques as: pulsed laser, dichromate, integral, embossed, dot-matrix and computer generated. Besides being used for fine art editions, her E-HoloGrams have generated much media interest and have been used for holographic magazine covers & magazine inserts that were distributed throughout the global television and computer gaming industries. In addition to her long-time association with Allen, she has known and been friends with holographic legends and visionaries, Lloyd Cross and the late Steve Benton.

E-HoloMasters are a breed unto themselves. E-HoloMasters are created by Borgeson and Allen in collaboration with their strategic marketing, design and technology alliances including multiple holography companies and holographers globally. E-HoloMasters are protected by copyrights, patents and trade secrets, and can employ a vast array of holographic imagery and techniques that utilize conventional and unique holographic manufacturing processes.

E-HoloMasters are used to inexpensively mass produce Holographic Optical ‘read-only’ Memory Chips (E-HoloChips) which will become recognizable Icons/Imagery to continually and effectively communicate a message or brand identity directly to the viewer on an interactive and personal basis while providing brand authenticity. Each proprietary E-HoloMaster offers a custom mix of recognition, aesthetics and overt and covert authenticity features which could also include Internet Interfacing.

These HoloChips, apart from visual HoloBranding and Brand Recognition applications, can also be programmed for personalization to include a wide array of custom security options, such as: Biometrics, Bar Codes, Encryption Codes, Medical information, as well as offering other features devised to meet project specifications. E-HoloChips can also be programmed from Photographic or Computer Generated Digital Sources, either locally or remotely, and can function with a Visual Interface, Hardware (Reader) Interface or both.

Allen and Borgeson’s initial marketing campaign targets their global digital entertainment network, including every major television network, cable and satellite company as well as the individuals and companies that service this industry.

Allen and Borgeson are reaching out to expand their holography alliances to include companies and individuals in new territories in order to more efficiently serve the marketing, promotional, branding and security needs of the global digital entertainment industry.

Territorial breakdowns are defined by the locations that receive Borgeson’s licensed Promax/BDA Muse Award at conferences and award events held annually in North America, India, Asia, Australia, Europe, UK, Latin America, China & the United Emirates.

Allen and Borgeson are available to collaborate and discuss the most effective ways of communicating/translating your client’s message or brand into a sophisticated, re-viewable E-HoloChip that offers a level of product/brand recognition and protection that’s unparalleled in today’s market.

Allen, after almost four decades of holography involvement, is still of the opinion that “we have only scratched the surface of holography’s potential and I believe we can expedite its evolution through collaboration within the global holographic community and by actively pursuing the creation of new holographic techniques, applications and entirely new markets.”

Jeff Allen and Eileen Borgeson’s Mission Statement is “Create…Rather than Compete.”
Forging a better future by creating new dimensions in holographic imagery, techniques, applications and markets through Collaboration…rather than Competition.

Please contact Jeff Allen directly at, to:
• Ask for a complete E-HoloMaster and E-HoloChip package to be sent to you,
• Inquire about HoloBranding opportunities that exist in your territory,
• Receive examples of their current marketing campaign press releases, articles and ads,
• Obtain a list of their current holography and creative alliances.
• Discuss current branding or product security projects you may have,
• Request seeing examples of Borgeson’s E-Holograms,
• Help service their network of entertainment companies in your territory or
• Offer your services through their global network

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