Saturday, July 2, 2011

Creating Virtual and Holographic Avatars…just another day in Paradise

[Pics: Eileen Borgeson Rock Star Avatar, Pete Serenana’s Avatar appears in Chicago by JR Horsting, “Holographic Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II” by Chris Levine, Dr John Perry, Rob Munday, Jeffrey Robb]

It’s amazing how communications now enable us to communicate and create virtually…even if it’s Virtual Avatars.  Last week, with the help of real people we had an Avatar shooting session.  Me in Hawaii…them in San Fernando Valley (my birth place.)

Three ‘actors’ were ‘filmed’ by Randy Martinez for three developing Virtual and Holographic Avatars: “HoloHost”, “Spirit of Rock and Roll”, “(Secret)” Avatars.  The actors were Pete Sarenana, Rudy Esquivil and Randy Martinez.   The digital files from the ‘session’ are now being converted into virtual avatars by ‘computer and imagination’ wiz, JR Horsting.   The Virtual Avatars will then be ‘choreographed’ into a motion memory to evolve into HoloExperiences through virtual and holographic projection in a HoloZone-hybrid for Stage.  We will be ‘folding’ these Virtual and Holographic Avatars into Live and Virtual Stage performances and performers.

The first Holographic Avatars will be created in what I call ‘magic window’ holograms because you look through a window and see suspended imagery moving and floating in front of and behind the ‘holographic window’   Holography legend, Steve Benton, referred to Holography by his quote: “A Hologram Is a Window With a Memory”.  The Queen of England was created into a portrait ‘Holographic Avatar’ through this technique.

Lloyd Cross, another Holography Legend, will be consulting on the creation of the Holographic Avatars.  Lloyd was the holographer who created Salvador Dali’s, ‘Alice Cooper’ hologram, using his Multiplex holographic technique that he developed in the earlier seventies.  Eileen Borgeson will also in involved in an artistic stylist capacity as she is also creating and developing different Avatars, including a ‘Rock Star’ Avatar

The timing is ripe to ‘Go Virtual’ and Holography is the "Holy Grail" of 3D.  The public’s fascination and interest in virtual entertainment and entertainers is growing exponentially as is evidenced by Japan’s virtual pop star, Hatsune Miku, who is performing ‘live’ tonight at a sold out performance at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles during the Anime Expo.