Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Contact with a Holographic Avatar

What’s it like to come in contact with a Holographic Avatar?

How does it ‘feel’ to have your actual hand pass through a Holographic Avatar’s virtual hand or body? Holography has and will continue to present us with new, sometimes radically new, imaging, concepts and applications that are going to challenge our past belief systems and ‘truths’ about what we thought was and will be possible.
Holography’s ability to record (or store) within a two dimensional plane then re-create (or re-construct) fourth dimensional (and multi-dimensional) visual reality opens up an array of possibilities in entertainment and educational experiences.

Holographics (applied Holography) will redefine what entertainment and educational ‘experiencing’ is and offer new portals of possibilities. Space can be created where it wasn’t before, and then occupied with virtual people and imagery. The virtual ‘outer’ space can be stored in the real ‘inner’ space of the holographic substrate.

Holography opens up the possibilities of creating environments and experiences that support a ‘post-terrestrial’ mind-set, freeing the participants to have a more total experience during each moment of their personal interaction and immersion in the HoloZone.

This video shows the Holographic Avatar (Mime) coming to life through a light and projecting out in front of the holographic image plane. For all observational and interactivity purposes, this Holographic Mime really does visually exist in and occupies space. Notice when First Contact is made with this Holographic Avatar my hand literally goes through the Mime’s outstretched virtual hand.

Next-gen imaging techniques inspired by this holographic capability will be folded into the HoloZone experiences we’re creating at Virtual Live Stage Entertainment and , including the images themselves being ‘triggers’ for the participant’s ability to interact with and change the experience.

This 3D journey into a ‘First Contact with a Holographic Avatar’ was taken and created by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen using Sony’s Bloggie 3D camera. The holographic imagery was entirely reconstructed with the light source of the 3D camera.

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