Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real-Time 4D Reconstruction and Recording of Holographic Images using only the Light from the 3D Camera

We’re so used to seeing print, photographic, video and digital images and symbols in 2D (shapes, contrast, and color) that when we see a hologram it’s hard to understand how can the images look so real compared to most other imaging techniques. The simple answer is that when a light source is directed onto a hologram at selective “reference” angles, it literally, reconstructs, with its own light, all the visual properties of the pre-programmed holographic image (s).

I was recording, in 3D, some ‘holographic techniques’ that we, (Virtual Live Stage Entertainment) will be ‘fusing’ into our initial HoloZone-hybrid (HoloDeck-like) Experiences, when I noticed an interesting capability. The light source emanating from the 3D camera itself was actually strong enough to recreate a fairly bright holographic image from a ‘pre-recorded’ hologram and the resulting image was capable of actually being recorded by the camera itself.

This felt like an excellent opportunity to demonstrate a most important principle… that holographic images are created entirely by light. This is why a hologram can ‘communicate’ directly to the viewer/participant’s eyes the exact description (information), in forth dimensions (space/time), of the object/scene recorded on/in the hologram. In addition, this particular hologram enabled the demonstration of viewing separate ‘holographic universes’, created within the same hologram, as shown by noticing how two entirely different images/scenes are visually reconstructed in 3D by the movements of the camera.

Notice the minute details of the images and how their highlights and perspective change with the viewing perspective. Notice how the holographic images completely disappear when the camera's light is switched off and an entirely new image or perspective appears when switched back on.

Eileen Borgeson ‘filmed’ this video with a Sony 3D Bloggie Camera and the light from it. David Bowie’s “TVC15” song is playing in the background. It’s about a Holographic ‘hologrammic (Bowie’s term)’ television and its ‘captivating’ capabilities.

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