Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Commercial Spaceflight Federation Members Honored with Sculptures and E-Holograms for Enabling Commercial and Private Space Travel

[3D Video walking up to Fresco II before the CSF dinner awards event. Owners Lenny and Lea Graffeo hosted the and ambiance was simply the best]

Commercial Spaceflight Federation Members Honored with Sculptures and E-Holograms for Enabling Commercial and Private Space Travel.

Eric Anderson, Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation (“Federation”), and artist Eileen Borgeson honored John Gedmark with the prestigious
CSF "Space Pioneer Award" (sculpted by Eileen) at Fresco II in Palmdale, California at their semi-annual meeting January 17, 2012 for his pivotal role as Founding Director of the “Federation”.

John Gedmark recently left his position as Founding Director of the ‘Federation’ to pursue other opportunities and has been succeeded by Dr. Alex Saltman (who coordinated the event.) Gedmark served as Executive Director of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation along with Bretton Alexander, first President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, together building and leading it since the organization was incorporated in 2006 overseeing the growth of the Federation from the original 10 companies to over 50 members today. Gedmark remains as an advisor to the “Federation”.

Eileen, while creating the Space Pioneer Award given to Gedmark, used her “Muse of Excellence” sculpture as the featured sculpture and designed a custom marble base for this Federation’s special presentation piece. Eileen's “Muse of Excellence” sculpture has been used twice before with different bases for significant industry awards.

JUSTSAP (Japan – U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Programs) presented the “Space Exploration Pioneer Award” to Takaji Kuroda (also an accomplished artist in Japan) for “his sixty year involvement with Japan’s space program as well as being the co-founder of JUSTSAP.” Holography legend, Lloyd Cross, also received Borgeson’s Muse as the “Holography Pioneer Award” for his major contributions since the early Sixties in Lasers and Holography (Multiplex Holography inventor).

Also recognized at the dinner were the individual members of the COMMERCIAL SPACEFLIGHT FEDERATION, as they enter the 2nd decade of Private Spaceflight, for their synergistic efforts in achieving the first decade milestones…starting with Dennis Tito’s historic trip to the International Space Station. Borgeson collaborated with holography pioneer, Jeff Allen, in creating the Holographic “Space Visionary Wings” E-Hologram. This embossed hologram was made into a signed and numbered CSF limited edition honoring the accomplishments and spirit of the members of the Federation.

For this E-Hologram art piece, Borgeson enlisted the help of some of the most talented and experienced industry engravers and printers. Freeman Thomas (Graven Images) spent hours hand carving the “Space Visionary Wings” into solid brass to be able to create a physical bas-relief image with a holographic optical surface above. Jason Henry (Henry and Co. since 1976) added his experience and expertise in the meticulous printing and holographic embossing of the art edition.

Borgeson also presented a ‘sneak preview’ of a ‘one-of-a-kind’ artist proof of the “Space Visionary Wings” during the dinner ceremony. The “Space Visionary Wings” prototype pin was made by silver jewelry master, Stanley Guess. Borgeson has been working with the Federation for several years in preparation of honoring the new private astronauts with their own ‘Private Astronaut’ Wings.

A historic ‘Space Awards’ installation of the STS “Dennis Tito Award”, holographic crystal “Orbit Award” and the ISDC06 Poster was on display with Eileen’s “Wings” sculpture and Kent Lauer’s dichroic and “Time Tunnel” and “Spectral Mosaic” optical crystals in an installation corner of Eileen's "Space Awards". Eileen is always exploring new designs and mediums to honor future recipients with art awards representing the caliber of their accomplishments. These awards were presented to seventeen individuals and companies at the ISDC06 awards show the same year the Federation was founded.

Eileen also produces Fine Art internationally for top industry awards for Non-Profits, Corporate & Entertainment Industries, Television/Gaming/Film Industries, Leaders and Individuals, with a passion to see these individuals and companies acknowledged.

She has supported the Space Industry for the past 7 years (creating and sometimes presenting: The ‘STS’ Dennis Tito Awards, Holographic Crystal Orbit Awards, the X Prize Vision Circle Pins, Orbital Muse, Space Ambassador Award, Space Exploration Pioneer Award, Muse of Flight (for FAA) and now the Space Pioneer Award. She is currently creating Jewelry and Sculptures (celebrating Space Exploration, Travel and Lifestyle) that will still be in fashion into the 22nd Century and continues to expand her artistic role in the Evolution of Holographic Artistry. Eileen’s adventure into art has also included collaborations with notable artists and their Estates and companies, i.e. Erte, Yoko Ono and The John Lennon Estate, Al Hirschfeld, Warner Bros. and Disney.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year - New Beginnings

2012 is just waiting to blossom for us.

Eileen Borgeson, Meryle Holmes and I brought in the new year at two parties. First was hosted by our friends, Pete Sarenana and Kathy McNamara at their annual party. Pete and his group The Carry On Band with musicians friends entertained a large crowd of family and friends in their tented backyard. Kathy, as usual, danced the night away.

We later joined Robert O'Hara and Tina Longobart and went to Jeff Gund's annual New Year's Eve party "Hollywood style" with many actors, actresses, models and musicians and a view to 'live' for.

Here are two short videos in 3D from the events: