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Back to the Future 2007 - Space-Themed Holodecks to Art-Themed Spaceports

An article five years ago which doesn't sound so science fiction now. July 19, 2007
"Space-Themed Holodecks to Art-Themed Spaceports"

Conceptual Designer Eyoub Khan, Holographer Jeff Allen and Artist Eileen Borgeson Are Synergistically Integrating Groundbreaking Art With Holography for Holodecks, Spaceports, and Futuristic Architectural Structures, Experiences and Environments

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - July 19, 2007) - At a breakneck speed, we're thrust into the future as we witness a renaissance of technological and artistic visions. 

This is an age where Al Gore makes 'holographic appearances' and space tourists are booking flights around the moon. 

Now, Eyoub Kahn, Jeff Allen and Eileen Borgeson have merged their formidable talents offering a powerful source of conceptual, holographic and artistic vision. Visitors to their spaceports and art-themed complexes will be offered a post-terrestrial lifestyle experience in an ultra modern environment where art, technology and culture combine. Their spaceport will be more than a launch pad for spacecraft but a transportation hub including hotels, commercial operations and holodecks for entertainment and training. 

Eyoub Kahn has been bringing architectural dreams into reality through his dynamic conceptual, industrial and design capabilities. On Earth, his futuristic designs inspire innovative hotels, transportation centers, theme parks... and now spaceports. 

Kahn's 'off Earth' projects have added function, style and comfort for earth citizens on the International Space Station, SpaceHab and SpaceLab. He has collaborated with Lockheed Martin, Boeing and NASA in design concepts for a reusable space transportation system, the VentureStar. 

Kahn connected with holographer, Jeff Allen in 1993 after reading one of Allen's Funworld articles about Holographic Theme Parks. They discussed the creation of holographic restaurants and their concepts continue to evolve. 

Jeff Allen is a holography visionary who has pioneered many of holography's breakthroughs. 

Allen's unique holography shows have entertained and educated millions across the United States and Canada for clients, including: AT&T, IBM, General Electric, Caesars Palace, Warner Bros. and Deutsche Telecom. 

Allen's 'HoloZone', a total holographic immersive and interactive Holodeck-like theme park experience, is designed to involve 160 people an hour applicable also for resorts, hotels and restaurants. 

One planned 'HoloZone' adventure will be themed after the 'Overview Effect,' the life changing and transformative epiphany experienced by astronauts and space travelers alike as they view Earth from space. 

A consummate artist, Eileen Borgeson has created magnificent and iconic works for the international fine art, architectural and recognition markets. 

Eileen realized the potential of Art-Themed Architecture -- merging art themes into room designs, furnishings, fabrics, plates, crystal and wall art -- while meeting with developers to consult on the proposed billion dollar Las Vegas Erté Hotel designed by Eyoub Kahn. Eileen's Architectural Fine Art visions are being manifested by her 'real time' access to innovative technologies, materials and collaborations through her ever-expanding network of international fabricators. 

Her work is found in hotels, casinos, museums, airports and luxury residences and now extends to terrazzo floors, laser cut metal and sculptured walls, painted ceiling tiles and outdoor sculpture installations. 

About Eyoub Khan Khan has been involved for three decades in four categories of projects: Theme Parks and Destination Resorts, Transportation Systems, Aerospace and New Product development. Khan has numerous published papers on the future of transportation systems, the human factors in space flight and the positive role of entertainment as an educational medium. 

His clients include The Walt Disney Co, Universal Studios, AT&T, Ford, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay Resort, United Arab Emirates and the Government of Hong Kong.
About Jeff Allen Allen's 35 year involvement with holography includes the first embossed laser and white-light viewable holograms. VISA and MasterCard plus the revolutionary holographic National Geographic covers used this mass-replication technique. Embossed holography has since grown into a billion dollar industry utilized for security applications, packaging accents, optics and impactive visual communications.
About Eileen Borgeson Eileen's sculptural pieces and architectural installations are found in individual and corporate art collections worldwide. Her original art has honored many individuals, including: B.B. King, Elton John, Bob Hope, the Dalai Lama, Hugh Hefner, Ronald Reagan, Al Hirschfeld and Aerosmith. She's collaborated with many other artists or their estates, including: Chuck Jones, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Maxfield Parrish, and for seven years with Erté, AKA, the 'Father of Art Deco.' 

Space Community Recognition Art by Borgeson and Allen For the 25th annual International Space Development Conference in 2006, the Space Tourism Society and National Space Society, Borgeson and Allen created and sponsored art pieces to recognize the pioneers, visionaries and leaders in space travel, tourism and exploration. The Dennis Tito awards, featuring the 'Orbital Muse,' and the Holographic Orbit Award Crystals were given to: Paul Allen, Richard Branson, Burt Rutan, Buzz Aldrin, Dennis Tito, Anousheh Ansari, Robert Bigelow, Peter Diamandis and the Ansari Family, plus Organizations: X Prize, Virgin Galactic, Zero Gravity, JUSTSAP, and Space Composites.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Recollections - Eileen Borgeson's Lucille Crystal Guitar for B.B. King's 75th Birthday

Images: Top, B. B. King's Lucille guitar water jet cut into German Optical Crystal designed by Eileen Borgeson. Next, Composite of Images of B. B. King (with his manager) receiving this art piece for his 75th Birthday in 2000 by MCA's President and MCA's Marketing Director. Also Eileen Borgeson (the artist) holding the crystal guitar. In 2000 Eileen Borgeson was approached by Vartan Kurjian of MCA Records to produce a very special art piece for B. B. King's 75th Birthday. Eileen and Vartan had worked together on special art pieces for Elton John and Jimi Hendrix, Since Lucille is so meaningful to B. B. King, having it manifested in crystal seemed to be the fit and brought tears to his eyes during presentation.