Monday, August 20, 2012

Recollections - Eileen Borgeson's Lucille Crystal Guitar for B.B. King's 75th Birthday

Images: Top, B. B. King's Lucille guitar water jet cut into German Optical Crystal designed by Eileen Borgeson. Next, Composite of Images of B. B. King (with his manager) receiving this art piece for his 75th Birthday in 2000 by MCA's President and MCA's Marketing Director. Also Eileen Borgeson (the artist) holding the crystal guitar. In 2000 Eileen Borgeson was approached by Vartan Kurjian of MCA Records to produce a very special art piece for B. B. King's 75th Birthday. Eileen and Vartan had worked together on special art pieces for Elton John and Jimi Hendrix, Since Lucille is so meaningful to B. B. King, having it manifested in crystal seemed to be the fit and brought tears to his eyes during presentation.

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