Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hawaii…State of Mind, Grace and Taste @ Steve Walsh's Lilikoi Farms

Visuals: Jeff Allen and Steve Walsh on his Ultralight over Dophins, Crystal Cheesecake, Eileen Borgeson and Steve Walsh, Lilikoi Farms living room and view.

Back in Paradise, after a very long stint on the mainland, Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen love exploring and experiencing new locations in Hawaii.   After landing in Paradise Park, they’re now staying in Orchidland on the Big Island at their friend, Steve Walsh’s, “Lilikoi (passion fruit) Farms” vacation rental.

Eileen and Jeff arrived at Steve’s place 5 minutes before Obama’s acceptance speech, an event they didn’t want to miss. They all felt a renewed hope for the future with Obama’s moving words. [Steve was a guest four years ago at Obama’s Inauguration in Washington, DC.]  

Next day, Steve was off to his other vacation rental next to one of all their favorite beaches, Richardson Bay, just outside of Hilo town.  

Jeff and Eileen have known Steve since their early days in Hawaii.  He attended many of their ‘infamous’ Orphan’s Thanksgiving dinners, which they celebrate frequently ‘on the spur of the moment.’   Steve even surprised and excited guests at one with his ‘Burning Man’ fire dance.

The ‘Orphan’s Thanksgiving’ name started in Hollywood, on a real Thanksgiving Day, when Jeff named it that since so many friends in Hollywood lacked access to their families to have the traditional dinner with (like Mick Mashbir, past lead guitarist for Alice Cooper, whose family lives in Phoenix.) 

One of Jeff and Eileen’s most memorable Hawaii experiences (for Jeff’s birthday) was flying in an Ultra-light over a pod of Dolphins with Steve as their fearless pilot.  By viewing them from above, they could see how the Dolphins really are such a playful species, jumping and spinning below from their amazing ‘birds eye’ view. Their new name for Steve is now simply, “Grizzly”.

A few days into the stay we had a visit with Steve’s Hawaiian girlfriend, Francelia Napeahi, healer Kathy Moffit and, on her first visit to the island, Maureen Roundtree, radiating dimples as big as her smile.  Both Francillia and Kathy are blessed to also live in houses near Richardson Bay close to Steve’s.

Steve’s place is uniquely solar and basically off the grid (other than his electrical backup capabilities), though he produces way more energy than he uses.   The comfort level is such that basically one doesn’t feel ‘off the grid’ at all, other than the bottled drinking water brought in.  It’s a very comfortable, high ceilinged, solidly redwood built, two bedroom house with a distant ocean view and just 15 miles from Hilo and 8 miles from Pahoa.

The locations on this (Eastern) side of the island appeal to Jeff and Eileen as they are only 20 minutes from their favorite swimming places:  the Warm Ponds, Pohoiki, Vacationland and the Champagne Ponds.

Also, equally as close, is Uncle Roberts, another ‘old Hawaii favorite’ and ‘Kava’ retreat.  It was spared by Pele and is now surrounded on two sides by the 1983 lava flow.   A short walk to the ocean reveals a new black sand beach being formed there.

As usual, Eileen and Jeff are on a ‘working vacation’, this time with a focus on several mainland and international projects.

Eileen has just recently reconnected with Peter Yenewine, Crystal Designer extraordinaire, and they are discussing a ‘creative collaboration’ to offer together 21st Century Museum Quality Recognition Art and Corporate Gifts. They just finished a Collaborative piece in the form of a Crystal Cheesecake.  Mellissa Cam, of Oakbrook Engraving, produced the piece for her client, the Cheesecake Factory, for a special associate in Dubai.  

In the early eighties, Eileen worked with Peter, then designing at Steuben, to create a showcase crystal sculpture for the lobby of the Westlake Building in San Francisco to accent the ten neon illuminated carved glass wall panels produced by Eileen’s former company, Crystal Haze Designs.  Eileen is finding the time here to develop and fine-tune some conceptual designs to ‘brainstorm’ with Peter.

Eileen and Jeff are continuing their energies working with the 3D Film Festival Awards organization in designing an awards program for them.  Their original holographic ‘digital star’ crystal awards for the ‘3DFF Digital Stars of Hollywood’ Inductees honored Roger and Julie Corman and Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

For several years Jeff’s been in communication with Auerbachs and Associates in reference to possible holographic, interactive and 3D w/o glasses integration and applications for future entertainment experiences.  A few days ago, an associate of Auerbachs’, who lives in London, visited Jeff’s partner on this project at his studio in London for a firsthand look at many proprietary imaging and interactive technologies.  

One of Auerbachs’ more interesting clients is Cirque du Soleil.   Guy Laliberte, the founder of Cirque du Soleil, has also earned the Space Tourist Society’s Dennis Tito Award, created by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen, for his historic flight and stay at the International Space Station. 

Hawaii is such a wonderful place to prioritize your activities and focus on the ones you’re most passionate about…especially, while indulging in Steve’s ‘home grown and hand pressed’ passion fruit drink, (prepared lovingly by Steve, the ‘passion king’ himself, right on his ‘Lilikoi Farm’ ) sipping while sitting on the lanai, exhaling and staring over the 3 acres of lush foliage and at the ocean beyond. Blissful!