Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3-D Printed Sculpture, “Freedom of Flight”, Launched at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit

3-D Printed Sculpture, “Freedom of Flight”, Launched at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Launched “Freedom of Flight” 3-D Printed Sculpture by Eileen Borgeson at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Oct. 7 at the Hawaii State Capitol Building showcased at the PISCES booth (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems).
§  “Freedom of Flight”:
o   was inspired by Eileen Borgeson’s original “Freedom” drawing created 5 years ago. 
o   Eileen, working with Russ Ogi (CAD artist and 3D Printing expert), collaborated on creating a ‘virtual’ Freedom in the computer for 3D physical print outs and digital holographic avatars being produced by Jeff Allen.
o   Russ created and produced the initial prototype on his 3D printer and Eileen later personally did the finishing work and hand layered the sculpture with German 23k Gold and Platinum.
3D printing has become the latest ‘Disruptive’ technology for many of the space and planetary exploration needs, from plans to ‘print’ tools on the International Space Station to building a complete base on Mars.   Since Virtual “Freedom of Flight” is scalable with today’s 3D printers, she can be small or monumental and represents the gambit of using 3D printing for functional as well as aesthetic uses in space activities and habitats. offers Turnkey Spaceports, Space Themed Environments, Architectural Holographics and Space Recognition.  Space Clients, include:  Space Tourism Society, National Space Society, XPrize, JUSTSAP, & the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.  Notable Space Awards are: Dennis Tito Award, Orbit Awards, Space Exploration Pioneer Award, Space Ambassador Award and the XPrize “Vision Circle Pin”.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the PromaxBDA 2013 Awards at L. A. Live by the "Artist Behind Your Muse"...Eileen Borgeson

Host Jay Mohr entertained the crowd of attendees from the 
global promotion, marketing and design industry.

Archive "Congratulations to Winners" Brief Magazine Playment in 2008 from
Artist/Sculptress Eileen Borgeson

"Artist Behind Your Muse" Visual
Giant Muse Sculpture premiered at a previous PromaxBDA Awards Show at the
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (previous home of the "Oscars")

Entire list of the Award Winners:

Links to:

North American Winners: 
Some of the top Gold winners from the North American promotion, marketing and design awards include FX Networks, A&E Networks, Bell Media Agency, Showtime Networks, Inc., Turner Sports/CSSU. Buster, BPG, World Wide Wadio, 2CMedia, Oink Ink. FX Networks was honored with the "Marketing Team of the Year" award and Buster was the recipient of the "Design Team of the Year.
PromaxBDA North America Award Winners

Global Winners: 
The top Global Excellence Gold winners from the global promotion and marketing awards competition include Bell Media Agency, Media Corp TV Singapore, Discovery UK Creative, NBC Entertainment Marketing and Digital, Sky Creative Agencies were Ireland/Davenport, Monarchy, Bond Street Film Stockholm, LES TELECREATEURES, M-I-E.  Bell Media Agency was honored with the global excellence "Marketing Team of the Year" award and Ireland/Davenport won the "Design Team of the Year."
PromaxBDA Global Excellence Award Winners


Sunday, March 17, 2013

What does it feels like to be a recipient of one of Eileen Borgeson’s Recognition Pieces?

 Avatar (winner 6 awards) - Inaugural I3DS Lumiere Award, accepted by Giovanni Ribisi

 B. B. Kings 75th Birthday Lucille Crystal Guitar Presented by Universal/MCA. We were told a tear came to his eye.

 Burt Rutan receives STS and NSS Orbit Award at ISDC06

 Brendan Fraser with I3DS Lumiere Award and our friend Tony Selvage

 George Ariyoshi (former governor of Hawaii) receives JUSTSAP Space Pioneer Award presented by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen

Dennis Tito receives his namesake Dennis Tito Award presented by Astronaut Rick Searfoss, Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen at ISDC06.  The Dennis Tito Award honors private astronauts who visit the International Space Station

Anounsheh Ansari receives the laser crystal Space Ambassador Award from XPrize Founder Peter Diamanidis and Alan Hale (Hale-Bob Comet) 

 Spike Lee receives his PromaxBDA Lifetime Achievement Award

 Burt Rutan receives Richard Branson's Orbit Award presented by Rod Roddenbury (Gene's son) at the ISDC06

Google's Co-founder Larry Page wearing his XPrize Vision Circle Pin with friend Robin Williams

 A winner of the PromaxBDA Award at PromaxBDA Europe Conference March 2113

 A winner of the PromaxBDA Award at PromaxBDA Europe Conference March 2113

 Betty White with her PromaxBDA Lifetime Achievement Award

Winner of the PromaxBDA Award at PromaxBDA Europe Conference March 2113

Hugh Hefner accepting PromaxBDA Lifetime Achievement Award from Jonathan Block-Verk (PromaxBDA CEO/President) with Larry King standing by.

All of the Awards and Recognition Pieces were created 
by artist Eileen Borgeson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Celestial Wings", a Crystal Masterpiece by Eileen Borgeson and Peter Yenawine

Above visuals of "Celestial Wings" Crystal Sculpture

  • Eileen Borgeson and Peter Yenawine are pinnacling their joint 75 years of experience in creating crystal art and are ‘joining forces’ to produce crystal sculptures worthy of the historic and personal milestones we’re seeing in this 21st century. 
  • And Space travel and exploration, our exciting next frontier and adventure, plus global communications, are growing exponentially creating new historic breakthroughs and milestones and adding numerous individual teams and companies deserving of richly inspirational and respectful recognition. Their passion is to create priceless ‘physical artifacts’ worthy of recognizing these significant historic events and individuals.   
  • Eileen and Peter’s first collaboration was an 11 piece crystal/carved/neon lobby installation (Westlake Building, S.F. 1980’s, Munselle/Ted Brown Architects).  Prior to “Celestial Wings”, was a glistening crystal cheesecake for Oakbrook Engraving and the Cheesecake Factory.
  • Adding to their fine art pieces and installations, both Eileen and Peter are highly respected for their iconic, museum quality recognition pieces which reside in museums, corporate and private collections, palaces, and numerous award trophy cases.
  • Commissions include:  crystal pieces presented by five US Presidents,  four- sculpture assembly presentation pieces for the first Space Tourists to visit the International Space Station, the ESPY awards, and over 20,000 PromaxBDA Muse awards (considered the ‘Oscar’ of the global television, gaming, marketing and promotion industries).

Video of Celestial Wings

Friday, January 11, 2013

Honoring Cluade Nobs (Montreux Jazz Festival) who passed away today

3DFF 'Digital Star' Award by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen

Video of Claude Nobs accepting Eileen and my holographic crystal award, the "3DFF 'Digital Star' Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 3D Film Festival at LA Live.  Presented by Christopher Crescitelli.

Visuals of Claude Nobs and celebrities at the 3DFF Digital Star Award Show

Claude Nobs meeting artist Eileen Borgeson co-creator of the 3DFF 'Digital Star'/'Lifetime Achievement' holographic crystal Award

WE WERE FORTUNATE to have been able to meet Claude Nobs, founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, before he passed away today after being in a coma from a skiing accident Christmas Eve.

Christopher Crescitelli presented Claude Nobs their 2012 3D Film Festival 'Digital Star' award at LA Live.  The award was conceptualized by Eileen Borgeson and Jeff Allen.  Eileen created the award with the help of Oakbrook Engraving.

Claude was the founder of the famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

His Montreux Jazz Festival in 3D was shown at the 3D Film Festival.

He will be missed.