Friday, June 21, 2013

Congratulations to the Winners of the PromaxBDA 2013 Awards at L. A. Live by the "Artist Behind Your Muse"...Eileen Borgeson

Host Jay Mohr entertained the crowd of attendees from the 
global promotion, marketing and design industry.

Archive "Congratulations to Winners" Brief Magazine Playment in 2008 from
Artist/Sculptress Eileen Borgeson

"Artist Behind Your Muse" Visual
Giant Muse Sculpture premiered at a previous PromaxBDA Awards Show at the
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (previous home of the "Oscars")

Entire list of the Award Winners:

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North American Winners: 
Some of the top Gold winners from the North American promotion, marketing and design awards include FX Networks, A&E Networks, Bell Media Agency, Showtime Networks, Inc., Turner Sports/CSSU. Buster, BPG, World Wide Wadio, 2CMedia, Oink Ink. FX Networks was honored with the "Marketing Team of the Year" award and Buster was the recipient of the "Design Team of the Year.
PromaxBDA North America Award Winners

Global Winners: 
The top Global Excellence Gold winners from the global promotion and marketing awards competition include Bell Media Agency, Media Corp TV Singapore, Discovery UK Creative, NBC Entertainment Marketing and Digital, Sky Creative Agencies were Ireland/Davenport, Monarchy, Bond Street Film Stockholm, LES TELECREATEURES, M-I-E.  Bell Media Agency was honored with the global excellence "Marketing Team of the Year" award and Ireland/Davenport won the "Design Team of the Year."
PromaxBDA Global Excellence Award Winners