Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3-D Printed Sculpture, “Freedom of Flight”, Launched at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit

3-D Printed Sculpture, “Freedom of Flight”, Launched at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Launched “Freedom of Flight” 3-D Printed Sculpture by Eileen Borgeson at the 2013 Hawaii Aerospace Summit Oct. 7 at the Hawaii State Capitol Building showcased at the PISCES booth (Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems).
§  “Freedom of Flight”:
o   was inspired by Eileen Borgeson’s original “Freedom” drawing created 5 years ago. 
o   Eileen, working with Russ Ogi (CAD artist and 3D Printing expert), collaborated on creating a ‘virtual’ Freedom in the computer for 3D physical print outs and digital holographic avatars being produced by Jeff Allen.
o   Russ created and produced the initial prototype on his 3D printer and Eileen later personally did the finishing work and hand layered the sculpture with German 23k Gold and Platinum.
3D printing has become the latest ‘Disruptive’ technology for many of the space and planetary exploration needs, from plans to ‘print’ tools on the International Space Station to building a complete base on Mars.   Since Virtual “Freedom of Flight” is scalable with today’s 3D printers, she can be small or monumental and represents the gambit of using 3D printing for functional as well as aesthetic uses in space activities and habitats. offers Turnkey Spaceports, Space Themed Environments, Architectural Holographics and Space Recognition.  Space Clients, include:  Space Tourism Society, National Space Society, XPrize, JUSTSAP, & the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.  Notable Space Awards are: Dennis Tito Award, Orbit Awards, Space Exploration Pioneer Award, Space Ambassador Award and the XPrize “Vision Circle Pin”.